Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MTE Design Team Post or I Mustache you Honey!

A Mustache Honey Do

I don't do many Father's Day cards, but I do love the father of my children very much, especially because he will go and do the chocolate run for me:) Or pie or ice cream.. AND he's never said "are you sure you should be eating that?" I think because he's got good sense... and wishes to remain alive. This is his father's day gift.
If I can do it so can the kids-I swear!

I used a 3 x 3 post it note pad...I measured my cardboard to be slightly wider then the note pad about 3 1/2 x 5, a recycled corn nuts box (little did I know how prophetic this box would be*). I scored it at the top for a quasi rectangle. 1 inch -1/2 inch- 1 inch- 1/2 inch. I folded my rectangle which enabled me to adhere the post it pad to the small area underneath. I punched holes in the top portion, then threaded Holly Green Trendy Twine through and knotted to hold in place. Now on to the really fun stuff- I used the MTE Pick a 'Stache and Mustache Mania words and letters to get my phrase. I thought about adding glitter but then it's really for my hubby, and I just can't see him saying "wow HONEY- it's so sparkly!" so I abstained.
I had a difficult time holding this little bugger in place, but
in actuality it lays nice and flat:)

*So some of you may know I was given a ticket to Washington DC from my sister, I came to the lame conclusion that it would be a good thing for me to take a red eye..which in fact, it was good for everyone else because they could sleep normally. I on the other hand, got to listen to a bimbo party girl 3 rows up partying with a boy she just met sitting next to her. They laughed,they took pictures and had a grand time as they drank til approximately 4:30 am. I finally put ear plugs in my ears but I could still hear. Then I smelled it...the tell tale sign of CORN NUTS being consumed...Corn Nuts in a metal shell at 30,000 feet. You see NOT only did this little group party while everyone else was trying to sleep, they ate corn nuts. For those people that are unaware of secondary corn nut air, it's something that you do to irritate a sibling when you're a teenager- eat corn nuts then breath on your's cruel. Corn Nuts should only be consumed in a well ventilated area.

Thankfully, I was able to check into our hotel room (my sister knows how to do it right!) which had the MOST comfortable bed ever, and take a luxurious nap for 2 1/2 hours! It was amazing! Then I went on about my sight seeing till 9:30 pm! If you haven't been to DC I suggest you do it, I had the best time going from Museum to memorial, and was in my history heaven.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MTE Design Team Post or Hello Catty!

I used my tent card (available for while the challenge is going,
 makin'memories paper, Hello Kitty SVG from SOMEONE
(please tell me. there's no signature in the file!),
Trendy Twine in Strawberry Cupcake,
and MTE MiniThoughtsStamps
I know you're thinking I should be thinking Hello KITTY but I know it will surprise you but she doesn't fit my personality (hehehehe). I made this for my daughters little friend who actually who does have a sweet sunshiney personality and my daughter tells me she loves Hello Kitty. My son has been in love with her since kindergarten, of course now he won't freely admit it. 

Summer is coming, and I'm pretty snotty about it, 'Cue cat hissing'. Yes I love my children, yes I love to spend time with them, but I need the privacy glass when they start bickering, Serious privacy glass. Thinking of the future bickering makes me annoyed, I want to lash out at people that annoy me and I find myself  making the faces that I am in my mind, you know a squinted scowl, a furrowed brow when an unfortunate person crosses my path.

 There's this one idiot that lives in my neighborhood, she's up in everyone's business, she trolls the neighborhood looking for victims to spy, pick on and pontificate to. She acts as if she's nice but then you hear some of the amazingly distorted things she has conveyed to others, and I'm telling you my jaw drops when I hear of my super human fetes, like how I single handedly took the basketball net down. Not only did my uncoordinated and clumsy butt do this BUT I managed to do this without anyone in my cul de sac hearing or seeing, you see that invisibility cloak works! Oh and how I curse at children playing in the park, how I threw soda all over the court. So I feel compelled to tell you that when I see this woman I have very catty thoughts run amok in my head like throwing my soda at her or throwing my shoe at her after I've rolled over her several times with my dented and dirty mini van. Too bad I would never hurt a fly but boy it sure feels good to have that vision roll through. I know I know! It's not very Christian of me and I apologize for that but if I told you half of the crap this nutcase has pulled you would be asking for my keys and my shoe.