Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trendy Twine Guest Designer or OMG I cannot believe she asked me!

I used Trendy Twine in Sky for this project because
I'm self absorbed I made something for me:)

I KNOW! Can you believe it she asked ME to do a project with her twine?! I said YES before she could change her mind, now she's stuck with me for the day...hmph. If you don't already follow the Trendy Twine blog, please do so! She has fabulous products and designers, and you'll never be at a lack for inspiration there.

Imagine making cards, scrapbook pages, party favors and they're ALWAYS for someone else....what? You do this too? So this week I was feeling very possessive of my free time. So I didn't want to make anything for anyone but me...but I did, I made a card for someone else but this little pin cushion is ALL MINE. 

Believe it or not I use to smoke, a long time ago (I know! The transition into non-smoker has been successful), and what helped me to expend my nervous energy was cross stitch, and doing this I actually learned to do a 'french knot'. I used this technique on a piece of a old t-shirt from my daughter, a cute little mason jar and batting. I really love 'up cycling', don't you?

I love the calmness of the blue and cream together, and right now that spool of Twine is on sale! In fact there are other spool bundles at great prices at Annie Paper Boutique, Her prices astound me! Other companies have their spools for close to 20 bucks! 

I used MME 'Lost & Found' because it perfectly matches the
blue hues I was going for. The kite is a freebie from silhouette , and
I used my NEW CAMEO to cut it!(I didn't tear my hair out-and
I didn't lose my mind using it-can I get a AHHHHHHH?)

(Do you see my darling stamp from MTE? The mini Thoughts set fit perfectly in the clouds in the file from Silhouette!)

In it's new home

This is the inside of my jar:) I used Birds & Bees from MTE
the end

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MTE Design Team Post

Mini Thoughts from MTE, Lettering Delights 'Sweet Nothings' svg set and Trendy Twine

April is the birthday-a-palooza for me, I have alot of birthdays that I have I've decided to make cards for and this one is for my sister. I have vague memories of being in a deer farm, trying to feed the deer but they of course tried to eat our hair, clothes and shoes. (My aunts baby goats are doing this as well, it must be an exploratory thing, like human babies? anyone?) 
 I used the 'Sweet Nothings' svgs from lettering delights and the "mini thoughts" stamp set from MTE. In fact I've been using the this entire bundle consistently since I've received it. One would think that all they would need is the Big happy birthday but in reality I've used Big thoughts and the mini thoughts together on the same project often..and they are crackalackin' with your spellbinders and Lettering Delights svgs. 

There are alot of other stamp companies out there but I haven't found any that have such original sentiments and innovative way of putting them together, the options are limitless. The price point of the bundle is hard to beat at $40.00.
I used Trendy Twine in Posy (which is on sale for 7.99 right now), see!
I'm responsible with my enabling:)

I made this outerspace card for my Nephew Anthony, no cutter just Spellbinders
& punches!
The inside

Please visit my fellow Design Team members blogs for Inspiring projects

I hope you like my projects, I had a pretty rotten week during Spring Break with my kids,  I am happy I have paper crafting as my therapy. My beloved Aunt (the beautiful one with all the animals, volunteers for Southland Collie Rescue) lost her husband, Hugo, to the ravages of Parkinson's disease. Please keep her in your prayers,if anyone deserves peace, it is this woman that took care of that sweet man for 4 years. For all the Hospice caretakers-You are all amazing- God Bless you all and Thank you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

MTE Big Thoughts Stamp Release or Greeeeeen Acres is the place for me!

I used my fave papers Basic Grey "Picadilly"& MME "Home"- for my Aunt's card.
I incorporated some old style punches, my photo window cards and Lettering Delights Cut it set "FARM"

So I'm sure all of you know that I love animals, bugs not included, (sometimes my children fall into the animals category BUT I still love them). I have respect for wild animals, born out of awe and fear. Where most of this animal love (not kinky or weird LOVE, mind you) comes from one family member in particular, my aunt. I've written of her prior, but there just seems to always be something new about her that I adore. She has quite a menagerie growing at her home- Chickens, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and horses. Recently her goat named Mocha had QUADRUPLETS! I felt for her when I saw her lugging that belly around, I know those last stages of pregnancy aren't fun for anyone, but FOUR babies has got to be just misery. My hat is off to anyone or anything that gives birth to multiples! So of these little "kids" that were born we have Heather, Happy, Jelly Bean and LuluBell. Some of the sweetest-cuddliest-hilarious furry babies I've ever seen. Did you know goats wag their tales when they're happy? And they do love to chew on your clothes, hair and anything else they can get those little teeth on. 

The "Big Thoughts" sets from MTE are the stamps that
I've used on every card I've made for the last couple of
months. They are amazing!

Here is the line up for the MTE Release Hop

Benedicte' -

And our SPECIAL guest designer and one of my fave crafty peeps

You will get a separate entry for each comment you leave on each blog, and the winner will receive all four sets! Trust me, these are some amazing crafters, you won't regret it- so get hoppin'
Big Thoughts

More Big Thoughts

Mini Thoughts

More Mini Thoughts

Big Thought Bundle (Big Thoughts + More Big Thoughts)
$25 - Saves $5, 16% off

Mini Thought Bundle (Mini Thoughts + More Mini Thoughts)
$17 - Saves $3, 15% off

April Release Bundle (All 4 sets) -
$40 - Saves $10, 20% off

This is my beautiful Aunt Linda with Happy-I adore this woman!
( Happy is a boy/girl- YES it happens:)

This is Happy and My boy....Happy is being a typical goat- and no he didn't
eat the boy.

My girl with LuluBell
This is Jelly Bean - lovin' a snuggle from the boychild.