Thursday, March 15, 2012

MTE Easter Greetings or I could been someBUNNY

I coulda been wasn't Brando a beautiful man when he was younger? Funny how I can correlate bunnies to Brando, perhaps it's because there are some people that are afraid of bunnies- Leporiphobia, and Brando was covered in white stuff in that gross remake of "The Island of Dr.Moreau", much like a bunny. As you know I enjoy making fun of people's phobias. Do you have phobias? I sure would love to hear about them, I am always in need of a laugh. I will tell you that I have a run and hide phobia of potato bugs, yes I run and scream like a banshee on a stroll when I spot one of those Outer Limits species of demons, but apparently it isn't so irrational because I can't find the name. 

Anyhoo as you know Alyssa from MTE released her darling "Easter Greetings" Acrylic stamp set. All of her sets segue into any reason you need a sentiment. 
This stamp set is $15.00 which includes tax and shipping in the US, there is additional shipping charges if your outside of the U.S. but hey at least you can grab some American made goodness at a fair price.

 (This card I'll be sending to my best friend in Hawaii, Sandee. She LOVES bunnies and I know she saves ALL the cards I give her because I've been to her home and saw that she saved her birthday candle from 15 years ago, it had dog hair, bread crumbs and dead bugs on it but that chick saved it. I tease her about this alot and get this- She still loves me:)
A long time ago I grabbed these cute little bunnies at Michaels, and instantly thought of them for this sentiment. I cut out a lot of these little things, and you can tell I was drinking coffee for much of the cutting, I happily didn't have to use my cutter, I used primitive scissors to make all the elements, including the clouds. My Zing has been angry at me the last several weeks. I also got to use my Copics and my Viva Pearl Pens...ahhhh.

Please go visit my compadre's 

and see the amazing things they've cooked up, (did you know the fear of cooking is called mageirocophobia?). Here's the link to a phobia list -enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

MTE Stamps or How Belinda Sucks

So I haven't had the mojo to create svg's lately, dealing with being overly tired, which then of course leads to getting sick, it all does nothing for my creative streak. We are having alot of wind in California this winter, and the winds wears on my nerves like sandpaper hence Zero mojo. Alternately the wind allows me to become uber snotty and complain about pretty much everything. A friend of mine said she's surprised there isn't a blog called "How Belinda Sucks!" I could fill that thing up with my random rants and hit 200 posts in a week, for example: I suck because I get in line, apparently this simple technique used to create order and quash anarchy by keeping things fair is lost on the 20 somethings at the fruit smoothie joint - there was a person by the door- one by the smoothie pick up area and one over by the bulletin board. I, instinctively go to the ORDER & PAY area  of the counter. The cashier proceeds to ignore me and ask the bulletin board boy what he would like, then the door girl, then the pick up area girl then me, she asks with an upraised eyebrow, what I would like. I fought the urge to smack her with the banana near the register. Apparently these OLD lines are just too restricting, the smooshed fruit girl doesn't need them. Another man walked into the Kumbaya circle of non order folks, (I bet you they have kids and refuse to give them a gender name, or refuse to tell them they're a boy or a girl), and looked around in a confusing manner, I rolled my eyes and said "We must be old fashioned" He had no idea what I was talking about and gave me a weird look. I, resisted the urge to call him names and make fun of his green jeans. 
If you prefer not to hear my rants skip down to ENOUGH RANTING
Here's some more of my Belinda sucks stuff 
1. After using the bathroom, you know when the person next to you has created that symphony of percussion moves in the stall next to me- Please USE SOAP in hand washing. The cold water then fix the blue hair THEN grabbing the handle to escape- makes me want to hunt them down when I've contracted pink eye,  from one of the Mom's who insist on sending their kids to school with green goo oozing from their eyesockets and share the goo.
2. When the little darling is coughing and it sounds bad. Please don't send them to school to infect my little darlings. You see there is altogether TOO much whining going on already in my home, add germs that potentially can infect me, is going to make me hunt them down and lock them into the local eatery bathroom on Sunday - right after that blue haired woman has that huge bowl of oatmeal.
3. No farting in the aisle of any store...please don't walk faster to the next aisle, that just makes it worse and more gross. Perhaps STOP shopping and go to the bathroom. 

If you guessed that my illness is effecting my olfactory senses- you would be correct. Which leads me to FOUR

4. Any type of spray deodorant is a bad idea at the gym,well ANYWHERE! Here's a tip-If I feel like I smell so much that I need the stuff that destroys the ozone layer, perhaps BATHING is the only good idea followed by non earth decaying stick deodorant. Hey even a wash cloth with that SOAP stuff may just do the trick. Oh and perfume DOES NOT cover that smell up.


Holy Cow where did those horns in my head come from?! Who's pitchfork is that?!

I did do some crafting..I used my My thoughts Exactly stamps to make a card for my buddy Becky, who understands my rants and would giggle with me on the whole aisle farting thing.
I used the Under the Sea set to get the Happy Birthday. I used Lettering Delights Cards B - I sized it down a little bit in Make the Cut, Butterflies and Blossoms to cut out the opening. I used the spellbinders Fancy tags for the portion to stamp on. I had found some border stamps on sale at Michaels so used a muted purple for the background for my Happy Birthday.

Do you see that rosette?! Yes I did one but it hurt me

The new My Thoughts Exactly Set is up for you to order! It's absolutely adorable and perfect for you Easter cards, favors and Scrapbooking pages....It's available for 15.00 which includes shipping within the United States. If you're not in this Country-never fear for a small shipping fee you too can enjoy the MTE love!

I will be posting some of those projects next week. Please go visit My Thoughts Exactly so you can see what all the hype is about.

If you would like to tell me to shut up and eat chocolate...come visit me on Facebook- I do love to hear from you all:) I promise to ONLY share things that are crafty or funny. If you don't do Facebook...well  wellllll. (awkward and for once speechless).