Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wa-Chow another MTE project!

This ferocious cutie is from the Ninja Kicks Svg set...LuuuOVe it

So here we are again....January. My most favorite Month because my little ferocious beasts...rather...ferociously cute twins were born during January, (Trust me I tried to work it earlier, pregnant with twins is no picnic, going full term - 37 weeks is agony on the hips- But my doctor just laughed at me...he lives still).
 In the circles that my family travels we have at least 5 birthdays. These are a couple of cards I made from my Lettering Delights stash. Sometimes I just have to craft for fun, I really miss just doing projects without designing svgs for them. These little cards were FUN to do, this one I had to take a picture of it while it was still wet, after watching "2012" I was worried that some apocalyptic event would prevent me from taking a picture of my ninja..and one did within five minutes. My daughter grabbed him and these were her words "OH isn't he cUuute- oops" Yep the Stickles went a little North. Luckily the "Happy Birthday" stamp from My Thoughts Exactly was dry and still perfect. (Here is a fantastic video that Lenae from our design team made showing me a crackalackin' trick. I'm such a spaz with stamps and this really helped me not muscle the heck out them.)

This next card is my VERY first print and cut, the REAL print and cut, where the machine & the program does the work and NOT me. Thankfully the people on the MTC forum are uber helpful and Jin's videos from Under a cherry tree, I got it down. 
Now mind you 'calibration' is not an easy process but with a glass of wine, maybe a muscle relaxer, you may just survive. Seriously, just do it on a rainy day, turn on the babysitter (tv), cook only frozen food, drink wine, wait I already said that...drink more and all will turn out ok. 

I used the DARLING graphic set, Provincial Princess, from lettering delights with MyThoughtsExactly "Sweet Thoughts", I used glamour dust with my Zig glue roller. Tsukineko Rose bud  & London Fog inks. I LOVE the "London Fog" grey ink however, very unexpected, and perfect for a nice soft look.

Please go visit my Fab Design Team partners this week

Thanks for stopping by and  don't forget to check MTE's specials. You still may be one of the first 20 buyers to get my favorite V-Day stamp set...Here is a picture of my little honey!
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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Encouraging give away!

Step right up and get your giveaway heeeeyaaaa

The Happy Card Encouragement Factory

My girl Becki is doing a give away of My Thoughts Exactly stamp go check it out, you'll love her even when she's not doing a give away..she offers free svgs, encouragement, a love of Christian Bale and new techniques to share... The Happy Card Encouragement Factory.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A jolly winner!

I have a winner! 

First Thank you for ALL of your comments and sweet support, it means so much to me to read your thoughts. I wish I could give everyone a stamp set, I wish you could all share the My Thoughts Exactly love.

But for now here is the winner...

Trisha !


Contact me at for will have 7 days to claim your prize, if I don't hear from you I'll draw another winner. SO hurry:)

Thank you EVERYONE!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Time to meet the new members of My Thoughts Exactly Design Team..
So first I will introduce you to our NEW Design Team members...
I will go in alphabetical order...




And last but certainly not least 


Please visit them if you haven't yet, we've been chewing on our fingers to not spill the beans. As a DT member I was so happy to not have to make the choices, because ALL of the applicants were amazing, simply amazing. We will be saying fare thee well to Thienly, only on the Design Team because she can't get rid of us that easily.

Now our mission was simple, to use our favorite My Thoughts Exactly stamps, and clearly mine so far are the Christmas. Hard as that is, I think each holiday is my favorite, but you add MTE and Christmas you just had me at ....well MTE and Christmas. I, of course, am lagging at my scrapbooking, these pictures are from last year.
(If you are in the over achiever's club that have already scrapped their 2011 Christmas Pictures- just shut up ok?!) We had went to our favorite "mall santa" and they offered a particular mind screw for the kids that were on the fence about the existence of the "big man", a photo of he, himself in a room of your house. I enjoyed uploading a photo of my fireplace area to have the big man visit.....with a maniacal laugh I viewed "him" in my living room, knowing that I had ammunition for good behavior, the threat of coal was going to work for at least another year.

This particular questions rings true over & over again this year 

No they're not extraordinarily bad at dental hygiene, they just
lost their TWO Front Teeth at the same TIME!

I used Dot's dotty stuff in a HUGE size for the cut out craft brown paper, and my fancy nestled shapes as mats and frames. For the record this layout doesn't REALLY look that obnoxious, my battery died on my camera so I had to improvise with my cell phone and honestly it is a TAD vivid.

And there wasn't (any peeking) since we put the toddler gate up they couldn't get in there. However 2011 is a different just wouldn't BELIEVE the lies they told this Christmas morning...I will tell you ONE of the lies those little farts told me....Santa turned on ALL the Christmas lights (my boy is Mr.Christmas LOVES all things Christmas, and bless his heart every morning since I put up the Christmas decorations he would wake up and quietly turn on ALL the Christmas lights) Now I'm married to a firefighter, there are two things that we are specifically not allowed to do and especially at Christmas 

1. No candles with REAL fire - we cannot be trusted to have REAL fire. 
2. Leave the Christmas lights on  a) On the tree
                                                              b) On the Christmas decorations.

So when Mr. Christmas is telling me that Santa turned the lights on I know full flippin' well that the little farts peeked, and turned on all the Christmas lights!

Page 1 of my layout...

page 2

This is a card I made for my eVeel twin - Don't  look Bee!
So it's obvious I love Christmas and I LOVE the Holly Jolly Tags so guess what? Comment on this post and be my stalker and you will have a chance to win the Holly Jolly Tag Stamp set! Which when you think about it blabbin' to me and reading my bad grammar, it's WORTH it, right? Not too bad huh? I could ask you to eat brussel sprouts, and watch the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner's staring face- but me being the kind soul that I am... wouldn't do that to you. Get your roughage another way.

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be hosting some Make the Cut challenges and will be making a free svg for a feature in go check out the forum, you will love it.
So here is a updated list of all the Design Team members, please go visit and check out their favorite stamp sets.




And last but certainly not least 


And the Old ONEs

Now blab on baby!  (sorry about the exclamation marks apparently this blogger font doesn't care for exclamation marks and would rather use an L- of course!)