Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MTE Design Team post or With friends like these there will always be laughter

Do you have friends? I mean real friends? Really good friends? I hope you do, because we should all have those people that make us lighten up, make us feel not so awkward, help us find the funny in the maddening. I have friends like these, and guess where I met them, at my twins school. Volunteering. Yes... I found some hilarious, kind hearted and twisted women I can call my very own. My wish for you is I wish you friendship for Christmas, because you deserve it.

As any good friend should do, I got my girls chocolate and of course had to wrap it up in a nice little package. I have to say hearing them make "big" over the boxes made be uber happy,  
you know that feeling :)

I used SvgCuts tied surprise boxes, MTE Holly Jolly tags, MTE Holly Jolly Phrases (both of which are on sale for $9.00 each!). I wanted to keep the box itself simple with kraft brown and add the bling. I did find some great little embellishments from K&Co, Trendy Twine in Holly Berry (enabler alert-It's on sale for $7.95!) & Sky in my great hoarding stash.

I used the Recollections paper that has a light sheen-It stamps
super easy and adds the lovely sparkle.

I sure enjoyed making these, they were just what I needed to calm my addled Christmas frenzied brain. Therapy in it's simplest form.


  1. Loved them! So glad to be among your twisted group.

  2. Wow, these are awesome. Love all of the festive colors on the kraft. Kraft is one of my fave colors to craft with. What cute little gifts to give.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  3. WOW! love the set, I love the layered details

  4. Super cute!! You are getting good at this papercrafting thingie darling!! LOL Don't hit me... Hehe, just joking. Awesome as always, sweet pea. I nominated you for a sweet award on my ghost town blog. (I know, I know, right?! *rolls eyes*)

  5. Very pretty. I am not surprised to hear your friends loved the presents as you always make each project special.


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