Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MTE Design Team Post or AWAAAAY We Go

Yes yes's ME, I'm a Spaz,  why you ask? well I'll tell you....

I used Trendy Twine in Stormy, Interactive Card Phrases from MTE,
 The bicycle is from lettering delights WEE svg set

this is one of my favorite cards, and one of the most annoying to make, NOT because the file was bad, BUT because of the most obvious component- me. I annoy the heck out of myself, and if I could I'd kick my own butt, I'd hurt my foot doing so. You see I am rash and move way to quick instead of making sure all my bases are covered. For example, I will just start stamping on the surface instead of first making sure that I'm not stamping on a uneven surface, not stamping on a pen, a pop dot, or even runt candy-don't ask. But really I'm just a klutz. ANYWAY besides all my hidden mistakes, I loved the effects with this card. I used Sugar Gems slider cards, Pretty adorable huh? 

It took me along time to gather the courage to do this but it was perfect for this sweet little giant boy who had a BMX party. My son is now "totally into" BMX. Oh yet another investment...gaaaa

I used the MTE Mustache Mania -love this for little men
 It took me along time to gather the courage to use her files, do this but it was perfect for this sweet little giant boy who had a BMX party. My son is now "totally into" BMX.

 I used lettering Delights "WEE" simple shapes, DCWV  Playground Stack, I looked for dirty muddy looking the black accents are Stickles in Black Diamond, by the time I got to this part I was so annoyed with myself that I needed to get to kickin' my butt. 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget the MTE & Trendy Twine bundle is still available in limited quantities
you will just love it! It's perfect for those little treat bags for the special kids and for your kids if you want them to be quiet for 36 seconds let them make their own Jack- you see I'm trying to lift the load ladies ;)


  1. Love your card, Bee!! :-D I love Lenae's slider cards but have yet to find the courage (and time!) to give it a go!! ;-)

  2. Awww, this is too cute. Love your bike. You did an awesome job on this. No need for butt kicking ;)

    Trendy Twine

  3. Oh my gosh Bee that card is the bomb! I totally relate to the spazzy thing too. I HATE the set up and usually dive in, forcing me to make, ahem, adjustments later on when the project is mucked up. But we usually end up rockin the projects anyway, right?


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