Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am Thankful for cupcakes or my butt is NOT thankful for cupcakes

The many thanks set from My Thoughts Exactly
So I had been seeing ALL this Washi tape everywhere, and I really want some REAL Washi tape, and when my budget permits I will be going to "Love my tapes". When I went to CHA in Anaheim with Alyssa.....(dropping CHA and Alyssa...a YOU lucky DOG Bee is what you should be saying-hehehe), we went to the Love my tapes booth to peruse and talk to fellow DT member Ashley. I fell in love with these idiot proof ribbons and tapes. Not having any I did the quasi washi tape technique, this time I just stamped on a strip of tissue, cut the area that I wanted, applied tape to the card then stuck it on. Pretty and simple however I want the real stuff. The Tsukineko london fog ink, my classy stamps, my spellbinder dies, a couple of punches, stickles and twinery twine in blossom makes for a pretty subtle and sweet thank you card.

The many thanks stamp set

Everyone that made something for your little ones for Valentine's day- RAISE your hands....everyone?! Yes I know, you're thinking it's like putting out the fire with gasoline right? Giving so much refined sugar to the wee ones RIGHT before school is let out. I'm thinking the teacher is preeeetttty dang smart! So in order to deliver the sugar to the classmates of my sugar junkies I used the print and cut option in  Make the Cut. I used the Monster love graphics and my zing to whip these out in 10 minutes. Another 20 minutes of fun stamping with the Valentines stamps the Ultimate candy heart bundle, Candy Heart Bundle, and the Love label. I cannot begin to tell you how I love REAL Print and Cut, if you don't have a machine or a program that allows this, you are seriously missing out on easy fun card and favor making. Now before you say that I might have delusions of grandeur- thinking I'm an overachiever that is mentioned in this blog , (bad word alert for the lily eared) know this...the elf is above me and I'm never making a leprechaun trap...ever. But I will make scratch cupcakes, because they're just good in my belly....and subsequently my butt, which is not so good.

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  1. Mmmmmmm even better close up,bet they where yummy mmm!
    They are adoreable and beautiful card as well!
    Have a great day
    Tracy xxx

  2. I ate one of those cupcakes and can attest to their yumminess.

  3. Your cupcakes are soooooooo cute! I love that you added conversation hearts! And the card is fun too!

  4. Yum yum for the cupcakes!! But that twine looks like poor quality... LOL ;-)

  5. Who are you kidding, you could stand to gain a few pounds, skinny girl!

    You can send those lovely cupcakes to me. I love them. TFS!

  6. You are certainly making me hungry! I love your projects :)

  7. Beautiful card and what some yummy looking cupcakes!!

  8. These are super sweet, Tracy! I love the shape of that nestie on the card and the wonky scallop circles are gorgeous!


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