Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Svgs by Bee Design Team

Here we are 11 days from the Big Day and here are a few of the darling creations my design team created (I still pinch myself when I say this!) highlighting some of my svgs I've created for the holiday season..

Here is a peek at Alyssa- crafter extraordinaire who I'm sure is crazy tired from all the amazing things she's been making...which includes her Perfect Christmas Stamps that I'm positively in love with!
Ms. Alyssa shows how to look like an overachiever with the
Christmas Tree Gift Bag

Next is Becki from her Happy Card Blog...She's been over achieving at the make the cut forum making amazingly beautiful Christmas projects that probably get the tongues waggin at church..."How does she do it? She's pretty,cooks good, AND makes these pretty decorations....hmmmm?" (cue the Church lady from Saturday Night Live).

Becki makes an angelic tag for a lucky gift lister with the
 Wings Svg

And last but not least is my evil twin Bee at Dare to Bee who never ceases to impress me with her new techniques
This is Bee's take on the Christmas Tree Cut Out....Beeautiful!

Here is a sneak peak at some easy to assemble gift boxes for you to look like you spent all day sweating, gluing,  and cutting. Really who cares what's inside....?
We'll be available tonight :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly Holly Jolly Phrases & the WINNERS

The Holly Jolly Phrases Set

The Holly Jolly Bundle is at the merry price of $25.00!
The set will include the Svgs that match the tags too!

Well I know I've been doing alot of cards and my face is probably beginning to annoy you, but believe it or not much of my family hasn't seen this photo. So try to overlook my mug and look at the stamps and svgs eh?

Alyssa made some great svgs to go along with the tags, they look great all together in your pretty paper. I bet you don't use it for just Christmas, the tags work wonderfully with any of her stamps. Combine it with some trendy twine, my card svgs, and you have some serious fun going on.

So who likes popcorn? Who wants to string a garland? Honestly the thought of stringing popcorn garland together sounds painful...I remember doing it once as a kid, my Mom had humored me and gave me a big ole' needle and some popcorn. It took forever and I hurt myself...I think the garland was maybe 6 inches long. SO it's much easier to cut my garland out and glue it into submission, and I paired it with Alyssa's Stamps and my photo card, and voila I have a card and a GIFT. Yes! It's a gift, look at those cute kids...and this is the moment right before the whining from the kids started, so that brief moment in time was a gift. Add the Mist Trail in Yosemite and you have a bonus gift from God.

I've hope your still awake for my drawn out post because I am going to announce the winners from the MTE stamp release AND one of the Blog Hop Candy winners...

So here we go with the Stamp Release 5.00 gift card winner...

Very cute tag. I love how you popped up the sentiment on the tag. TFS!

Melisa Alzammar

So congratulations on your gift card to My Thoughts Exactly Melisa!

Ok so here goes the blog hop winners!

Melanie Fink 

won the Holly Jolly Tag set from My Thoughts Exactly 

Carolyn Coughran

And the winner of the Trendy Twine Sampler

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 3 Hopping thru the Holidays

Isn't this a cute blinkie? Tamara made it for us
then Becki changed the dates...:) Aren't they talented?!

DAY 3!

1.  Me
2. Julieta 
3. Cher 
4. Bee(my evil Twin) 
5. Becki   
6. Melanie
7. Alyssa  
8. Tracy
9. Angie 

So yes I know you've seen enough cards but I really wanted to let you know that putting these together with the help of my cutter was so simple.  What took me the longest was deciding what papers to use...I have been hoarding my pretty Christmas Paper for so long, and as painful as it was to load it into the cutter...I did it -whew!

My photo curtain card and My Thoughts Exactly Stamps

I love the svgs and the stamps that Alyssa made...I'm having so
much fun using them...and of course STICKLES.

Haven't you been impressed with these ladies so far?! Let me tell you that these ladies went thru some sleep loss to get there projects posted for you to look at, blogger has been a pain the last couple of days. So please give them love- they are a selfless bunch, and have been so enthusiastic even though many have been going thru some trying times.
I am continually amazed at the friendships I've made, and I am so thankful for them, ladies I hope you know how special you are to me.

I'm still learning the tricks with Zis Zing, but I'm getting there...slowly. I did start to use Make the Cut when I got this machine....so the learning curve was deep for me. But thankfully Make the Cut is like a combination of scal and inkscape. Which helped but I'm still having trouble sizing things the way I want them like a square that's 2x2 - I haven't been able to find the place to just plug in my measurements.  

Ok you're next stop is Julieta my dancing girl....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 2 Hopping thru the Holidays

Hopping thru the Holidays
day 2

The Merry continues!
Here is the line up again...just in case you get lost

1.  Me
2. Julieta 
3. Cher 
4. Bee(my evil Twin) 
5. Becki   
6. Melanie
7. Alyssa  
8. Tracy
9. Angie 

Well as I told you I would have a couple of different projects...and here is another take on my Schwoopy Photo Card...and I used my Holly me embellishment that is in the Christmas Garland collection...
Yes I'm sure you saw the obnoxious Orange tag ...but it really isn't that bright...I just California and it's BRIGHT here...so of course with all the flipping stickles I use it REALLY looks bright...but it's actually pretty mellow. I used the fabuloso My Thoughts Exactly Holly Jolly Stamps on the tag svg...and aren't they cute?!  
Oh and by the way in case you're wondering it was late and I really didn't mean to make children look like floating heads...really. 

My schwoopy card and the HollyMe with My Minds Eye paper.
Remember to let your ink dry completely before you start fussing with it...
don't ask me how I figured this out.

That cute little bow on the bottom came from the standard
shapes on Make the Cut...cute eh?

I bet your wondering why I used that orange paper....yessssss me too!
But it really doesn't look that obnoxious in person- I swear.

So if you've already commented on the other blog post - you do not need to comment on this post...unless you'd like to poke fun at my color choices and ink idiocy.
And go on and check out my buddy Julieta at her blog 4Goofballs

(I must apologize for my not so entertaining post from yesterday...it really was annoying trying to get Blogger to cooperate. I had worked on my post earlier in the day and only needed to add some additional links and it just blew up...post was gone...and I'm telling you it was very UnChristianlike words coming from my mouth. Shame on me, but worse for blogger for deciding that my 2 hours of work wasn't important enough to warn me they were doing maintenance....grrrrr)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hopping through the Holidays!

Welcome to the "Hopping through the Holidays"
 Thank you so much for coming to our Fun blog hop! I think this is the sweetest and most kind group I've ever hopped with. These lovely ladies have always impressed me with their craftiness, and I'm sure they will impress you too!
Here's our fabulous line up!

1.  Me
2. Julieta 
3. Cher 
4. Bee(my evil Twin) 
5. Becki   
6. Melanie
7. Alyssa  
8. Tracy
9. Angie 

Comment on at least one post by all the ladies in our line up and you could win this darling stamp set! It also comes complete with the Svgs to match the stamps! (Alyssa's also has some CANDY too!)

Holly Jolly Tags from MyThoughtsExactly

Or another lucky winner will win a sampler packet from Trendy Twine!
You will need to be a follower of her blog, leave me a comment on this post to be eligible.

Now on to my project for this hop...

This is the Schwoopy Inset Photo card that is available at my store!

I wanted to create at the least, a few special cards for my close family members. It wouldn't be feasible with my "pita" crafting slowness to make them for everyone, but a lucky few will get a home made card from me.

The cool think about these cards is that you will be able to use them for any occasion and you don't always need to insert a photo, you could use some other cool design you create. This particular card is a 3.5 x 5 and it will be going to England to my sweet cousin. I used Alyssa's stamps and a svg for the scalloped tag,Trendy Twine in Peppermint Stick, Stickles and pop dots because I can:) The Branch embellishment is from the Christmas Garland collection at my store....

Come back tomorrow for another project!

Now on to Julieta  at 4Goofballs.blogspot.com