Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly December Release or Gettin' Jolly in my CraftRoom!

The Holly Jolly Tags 
They're Finally Here! I cannot wait for you to see these darling tags! They're part of the My Thoughts Exactly Christmas Holly Jolly Tags and Sentiments...but with the tags you will see that they aren't JUST for Christmas. (hint hint come back on December 2 for our Hopping thru the Holidays blog hop and I'll show you).
Now get will be able to purchase the Holly Jolly Bundle for $25.00! Isn't that a great price?! Each set is normally $15.00 
Holly Jolly Sentiments
Holly Jolly Tags

Now I spent much of this week trying to get used to my new cutter...and today we were getting along just fine...but we have a tempestuous relationship. I cannot wait to work on our relationship, I tried telling it that Christmas is coming and it was imperative that it be more forthcoming with the pretty...well as you can see Zis Zing came up with my lovely bag and cut the pretty My Thoughts Exactly Svgs that match the Tags! Yes you read that right...when you purchase the Holly Jolly Tags you will get the svgs to stamp directly on them! I know..Alyssa's just like Santa..well kind of...smaller...prettier with less facial hair.

I'll tell you could win a $5.00 gift card for My Thoughts Exactly if you are a follower of my blog and My Thoughts Exactly, and when you're leaving love for Alyssa tell her that you're glad she's not hairy.

Click here for the Christmas Tree Gift Bag with the Extra elements for you -the oh so crafty Crafter
This lovely little gift bag Svg is at my store too. I wish I could have come up with a different name.....but after fighting with Zis Zing all week I'm pooped. 

Don't forget my lovely people that the My Thoughts Exactly Design Team Call is still going on til November 30th...YOU could be a part of one of the happiest Design Teams out there...And work with ME! Perhaps I should tone that down...You'd HAVE to work with me...

Alright I'll see you for the Hop this Friday!

Go check out the rest of the Design Team

Monday, November 21, 2011

That's right you could be displaying this!

That's read correctly...there is a open Design Team Call! We're all so excited to see who is picked.
It's global so don't feel you have to be on the American Continent....Believe it or not we're extremely open minded and know that there is MAGNIFICENT, talented and happy people out there on this bouncing ball, And My Thoughts Exactly is waiting for you to apply:)
Go check it out!!!.html

Saturday, November 19, 2011

200 WooHoo!

If you've downloaded this before 11-20 at 8:38pm -
pacific standard time Download it again, I've reworked some rough
areas-thanks for understanding:)

Well Finally! 
I'm sorry everyone I really wanted this up earlier...I REALLY wanted to be able to show you a cut preview of it all pretty BUT I have been fighting with my abilities to learn the Zing. I'm almost there and I keep telling myself Rome wasn't built in a day, so I have to retrain my old brain.
I am Thankful that I reached 200 likes on Facebook! I am Thankful that I've met such wonderful people in this "blogging" world, and I'm thankful for you. So when you're stuffing your mouth full of candied yams, turkey, dressing, and eating quickly because you know soon you won't be able to put anymore in your belly, look at that pretty place card you made, and know that it was created for you by me. 
Thank you for sticking with me!

If you don't understand our Holiday it is a day to remember and be thankful for all that we have, all that we love, all that was given, and all that will be given to us in this lifetime. 
Happy Thanksgiving...

(I sized this at 3 1/2 by 3 1/2
or bind it all together and size to your desired dimensions..)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Many Thanks - My Thoughts Exactly...or So many thank you's and so little time but dang MTE makes it look GOOOOD!

Many Thanks Stamps from My Thoughts Exactly
So my darling boss, Alyssa, the genius behind the amazing sentiment stamps I'm using ALL the time, sent her design team a stack of Halloween paper that I've been itching to use but there is NO way am I going to use it on treat bags that I'm going to see bouncing across the windy school yard! I KNOW you get me-wink wink. We're all guilty of paper hoarding, we just wouldn't be paper crafters if we didn't hoard paper, now would we?! So I get you my darlings, I really do and I'm not afraid to admit it that I only make cards for SOME people. It is easier for me to have someone in mind when I craft. I've tried to just make some willy nilly but I can't...anyhoo on to my ridiculous story-wait- you didn't think you'd get to just look at pictures and not hear my story did you?! Remember darlings I do NOT suffer alone, I take you all with me:)

So I was hijacked into being a chair person for a yearly event at my offsprings' school, Jog-a-thon! We do two fundraising events a year, both so freaking fun, BUT alot of work to get going. Perhaps you're wondering what a chairperson, I certainly did, do you repair the chairs, do you stand on the chairs, do you push people out of your chair? Come to find out it's not that different than being a Mom. You're basically a fur-less border collie- ewwwa - rather a shepherd. However you're not herding the inept, the clueless, the unruly children at school, you're in charge of gathering information from amazing parents at the school. I was basically a volley ball, transferring information, without the pain the volleyball probably endures.  I had so much fun, and at first I was shell shocked, but now I am so in next year! If you haven't tried volunteering at your public school PLEASE do, and take on one of the events, if I can do it and not get fruit thrown at me, why-YOU can too! (The parents at our little tiny mighty school are SO much fun, great people and they definitely have a freak flag they're flying in a non-weird way, my kind of peeps, I've made some new great friends)-so the point of all this is that the activities in the classroom of my children were in the hands of another Mommy. A Mommy who gets my weird sense of humor, has her own weird sense of humor and may I say one of the best cooks in the whole wide world (I'm telling you her whoopie pies are to die for and create a stampede at the school carnival). Anyway she handled the Halloween party at school, in fact she handles most of the parties.
 So don't read this Lisa- not until I get my kids to sign it and hand it over to you, But I love you, as we all do in our little corner of the world-xoxoxo. Oh and she blogs AND has her recipes on her blog...go check my darling girl out at Handmade & Homemade!
I think it's K&Company embellishments...I've been
dyin' to use them.
I didn't use a cutter- I used my nestabilities!

This is another one I made- I used alot of popdots because
I can ;P

 I got a little nutty using my cuttlebug I asked the hubby for a Sizzex big shot for Christmas, I even printed the link to it on Amazon and highlighted all the sweets that I want with, I gave up on being subtle when I he bought me an appliance for the kitchen for Christmas our first year of marriage. Hubbies- Unless you're wife asks you SPECIFICALLY for a kitchen appliance -ie more freaking work to do, don't do it....NO don't listen to your mother, listen to me, don't do it. Trust me-I'm here to help you.

More paper from Alyssa- don't you love the colors?!

Did you go see my evil twin's post? Go on git! You won't regret it, she's always got some new trick up her sleeve!
Thanks for stopping by and a little hint- My Thoughts Exactly- is going to have a great deal on Black Friday (for those of you from other countries- it's a nutty crazy day to get nutty crazy deals on merchandise the day after Thanksgiving)!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly "Many Thanks" Stamp set


Who doesn't say "thank you" raise your hand...yah that's what I know your Mom would slap your behind if you didn't mind your manners! I'm pretty sticky about this rule with my kids, "well if you don't want to say thank you, then you really don't want that gift that badly, now do you?" The "Many Thanks" Acrylic stamps work fabulously with my sweet slider card, don't you think?

Here are all the FAB'll use this one all the
time if you were raised right-winking winking!

The little easel is in included with this card. If you've bought  any of my card svgs just shoot me and email at and I'll send it to you.
 I made this card for a wonderful lady who's helped me so much with my store, and has always been such a enthusiastic teacher, and I plan on sending this to her this week, I swear Carolyn, it's coming!
Make sure you go to my Design Team members and see their amazing creations

Thank you all, and we'll be postponing the "Hopping around the Holidays" blog hop for a later date. As you can imagine it is a ridiculously busy time for all of us, but don't you worry we'll be back with bells on:)