Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bee Witching Halloween Collection & Design Team Announcement

I have two exciting pieces of news... First and foremost I am going to announce the current members of my  SvgsbyBee Design Team. 

The First member you will not be surprised by- 
Bee from Dare 2 Bee Creative, "my evil twin", I don't think I gave her the option of saying  NO, which I know she wouldn't. I'm so proud to call her my friend. Besides her being incredibly pushy with me to push myself, which she knows I need, she always makes me laugh, and amazes me with her crafts, and her artist eye. 
Check out her darling card using the "head over claws bat" from the Bee Witchin' collection

Becki from The Happy Card Encouragement Factory. I've been watching her for some time now,  and I do know she has fantastic taste in men, namely my man, Christian Bale, but don't tell her I told you this but he DOES love me more. She has a great eye, and a crafty hand to match. She's a very funny girl too, and I'm sure I've scared her to death already, a few times.
Here is what Becki created using the "Big Love Bat" from the Bee Witchin' Halloween Collection
Where did she get those adorable DOTS?

Alyssa from My thoughts exactly, my boss, my DT, my boss, my DT -  (China Town- get it? nevermind!)
She is the one that makes those amazing sentiment stamps, and those ridiculously cute cards. Now mind you she's 22....perhaps you didn't hear me- TWENTY TWO! If I haven't pushed you over there yet- you must look at her amazing projects AND her stamps...(wait til you see the Halloween stamps! And the Christmas, and the Thank you set!). Check out the cards she made- the first is from the Bee Witchin' collection, it's my little witch hat but she so cleverly used it as the main element...Isn't it great?!

Now last but not least I am tickled to say I've just finished my biggest Halloween Collection, the "Bee Witching" collection. I cannot say how many different projects your going to get out of this set but hey who's counting? .....well me, really. The Witch was something that I thought of for my daughter, now don't get the wrong idea, she doesn't act like one....well not all the time. Anyhoo, I love that little witch. The broom itself was an afterthought, but then I really came to appreciate my ride....er her ride. I am pleased with how it cuts out and the detail. My bats are incredibly cute, I have to say they were the funnest for me to create, because I really do love bats, amazing little flying dogs that eat bugs, not bees or lady bugs because they don't fly at night you see. The mountain I fashioned after Night on Bald Mountain- I was always fascinated with that scene in Fantasia...it kind of haunted me, so now I've turned it into something fun. There's a morticians topper hat, gravestones, and trees that can see!

I made a 3-D Tree that is fabulous for table decorations, and adding a little one to your table with a creepy tag with your guest's name on it will be perfect for place settings.

I have Wicked tags as well, a cut out pumpkin, a kitty silhouette, and some cute little ghosts that don't have a mean bit of ectoplasm in them, all of these come with a shadow background, use them as tags or as great little embellishments to your cards, treat bags, or scrapbook pages.

Here's a few pictures....

Pumpkins from the wicked Tag collection

The kitty tag 

3-D Bee Afraid Tree

Please go visit my new design team, leave them some love,  and don't forget that design team call will be out there til the 30th of September, send me an email at svgsbybee@gmail.com if you want to have a great time with some amazing crafters. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Can you CRAWL? Anywhere?!

I'd crawl anywhere for you dear, anywhere, ANYWHERE for you!
You really don't want me to sing that catchy tune from "Oliver" do you?....Yes that's what
I thought....BUT I will send you over to my site to pick up this gross spider!

Here's the dealio...you can add him to your shopping cart if your making a purchase but if you aren't and just want the FREEBEE go to www.SvgsbyBee.com  click on the Freebee tab, click on the picture and that creepy crawly will soon grace your presence with his prowess at eating annoying flying bugs, annoying crawly bugs, and well bugs period. Now mind you I'm not a spider lover, but I am not a spider murderer, I will always do my best to get them out in the garden. But I do hope they know that if they sting this Bee- all bets are off!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Thoughts exactly Design Team Post or gettin' my monster ON!

It's hot! It's dark and it's still hot and gross! The kids are stuck in the house because it's too hot for them to play outside so I took a picture of myself and put it on a card...kidding....they went outside.
I made this little cutie for a good friends little boy, and I really can't tell you but I always think of monsters and boys, even though my girl loves monsters too. I pulled out my My thoughts exactly stamps and found a perfect sized "happy birthday" from the darling "under the sea" stamps! Each set has so many options, and I haven't found a project yet that I can't use them for.

The Monster is from Paper Smooches- isn't he CUTE?! 

I lifted this idea of the monster from SOMEBODY, I can't remember her blogs name and if you tell me I will post it with big giant letters to give her credit! Did I mention how hot it was, I can't think in the heat...I just want to go back to my cabana and have my cabana boy fan me with palm fronds...wait..I'm here in my craft room and I don't have a cabana and no handsome eye candy to go with it....cursed heat messes with brain! Anyhoo this gal " Her name is EMILY here's the link to her blog! http://leiphartonart.blogspot.com/2011/07/you-have-great-taste.html insert her name after she tells me what an idiot I am to forget her" had used this monster stamp, and get this....CUT IT OUT with SCISSORS! I asked how she did it, what cutter she used and she told me what kind of scissors she used...hehehhhhheeee. I still giggle with that one. So she even cut a little extra arm out as I've done above. I used my Copics to color his majesty in and used Viva pearl pen in dark brown for his peepers. and Inksentials for his tooth. I used pop dots EVERYWHERE and my fave twine, Chocolate Truffle from TRENDY TWINE- Her twine is different because in most of her colors you will find 3 separate colors, just a little fyi. The quotation bubble was a freebie from My scrap chick, it's one of her great freebie friday gifts...go check it out you'll love it:)
The actual card backing is a premade card, from Target, I just love the post brown color, it just makes all the colors pop don't ya think? Oh and the border punch is an ek success one that I've used over and over. If your pondering one you will use it ALL the time.  

Well I hope you like my little birthday monster card, I sure do...it's a good thing I like this little boy or I'd probably keep it for myself! Come see me on Facebook and come by my fully functioning website...(yah! imagine that)
www.SvgsbyBee.com there you can pick up your freebee "boo" (in SVG and DXF formats) under the freebee tab, click on the picture and away you go. If you want to shop you can always add the freebees there too. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get your Boo On

Here is ANOTHER Finally! Finally that the store is open, Finally I had some time, Finally the kids are back in school (cue angel music), FINALLY I have a FreeBee SVG for you!

 It's a multi layered svg in SVG and DXF format, I've included another "boo" without the eyes, just in case the eyes make you ascared....mooowaa-aaa-aaaaaaaa!

I used Trendy Twine in GrapeFizz purple on the cute little witch hat, pop dots because I could and that's it...Now it's your turn to show me what you can do with it. 

Just go to the store and add it to your cart and check out as normal, and it's all free baby!
Click here   ->   I need Boo BAD!    <- Click here
or if you just plan on getting the freebee alone, you can go to svgsbybee.com and click on the "freebees" tab then click on the picture and voila. 

I'm working on some more Halloween stuff, but I'm trying to jump away from the trends, and offer you something you haven't seen 100 times this month already. 

Also I posted some pictures of what Jessica Lattimer made with some of the files I'm selling, go check it out on the gallery tab.