Friday, August 26, 2011

The Website is up! I repeat the website is UP!

Finally It's open! 
What's that you say? You thought it was already? Well kind of...the shopping module was open BUT now the whole thing is!

 I have a gallery for photos that is just sitting there waiting for pictures from YOU! And I think I should probably note that pictures of men wearing speedos aka banana hammocks, weenie bikini's..... you get the idea, will NOT get published, laughed at, but NOT published.  (I might add, and I'm sure you will agree, that most that do-SHOULD not). 
Please send me your pictures to either or

I'm currently working on some Fall Svgs and transferring the svgs to dxf for my silhouette studio users...yay! The Freebees will be making a return too. I plan on starting Christmas soon, so let me know what you'd like to see! Also a blog hop for October with prizes:)

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open Open Open or Jeeeez come on already!

 Open Open Open
The smiling kitty from the pumpkin has a surprise mini collection

I can still see that woman tapping on the glass from that commercial...well the shop part of my site is open...FINALLY! That was a crazy ride, and it would've been open a week earlier but I just HAD to go on vacation. My sister took my little family on a houseboat trip to Lake Don Pedro (he wasn't Spanish he was FRENCH)...absolutely beautiful place, hot and nice clean water. My kids loved it, but I had NO cell service, and NO was difficult to sit still for long. So I swam and rode on lake lice (jetski's). My kids loved the whole experience and hanging with their cousins, after they figured out the boat wasn't going to sink.

So go check my website at When you make something with the files...let me know I would so love to post pictures of your work:)

I feel compelled to let all of you know that my files are created by my brain with many suggestions from my dear friends, I make these from scratch.
My files are started from simple shapes and molded to what they are now. 

Thank you, all of you,  for giving me encouragement, love and  support which gave me the courage to begin this new phase in my life. I've never been overly confident, and if not for this blogging path, I never would have gotten the amount I have gained. 
If you just hop through blogs I encourage you to start blogging, you will "meet" some wonderful people in this crafting world, ones you will never take for granted.

 xoxoxo to you all

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly Design Team Post or O! M! G! I'm having SO much fun!

From the Sweet Thoughts  stamp collection

I have to tell's a secret (well if you haven't been paying attention), I'm not a stamper. I know there's a group for me somewhere that won't hit me for saying that. But I'm always using tooooo much muscle and just obliterate my images, and forget trying to use sentiments. I would just have a big ole' glob of ink that resembled a language from the neolithic era. But I love how easy these stamps are to use,  and I know you will love them too! For the record I love working with this incredible and supportive design team too.

For this card I used Alyssa's technique for step cards, and trust me she makes it easy. So easy in fact that I tweaked it a little by having the opening in the middle held up by two columns on each side, one inch in width, Click HERE for the link to Alyssa's video.

I want you to know I did NOT use an electronic cutter I used border punches from eksucces, I used two 4.5X6.5 pieces of cardstock from the MME Home stack, and one 6x6 piece of Echo Park Summer Days paper stack. I traced then cut the shape of the card on the back side of the red polka dot paper (MME) I had a border left and used a punch for the scalloped edge on top. I used 1/2 of the green polka dot paper from the MME stack for the awning looking scalloped border.  I used the Echo Park paper for the "step" portions inside just to make it all mesh and bring in the blue from the banner. 

Now on to the Sweet stuff- I used my printer. I printed out those graphics from Inkscape. I used the graphics from the Lettering Delights, and cut them out with my scissors. And OF course I used Trendy Twine in that yummy cupcake pink, and stickles to top it all off!

I used the Lettering Delights Pennants and easily stamped then cut them out. I used the beautiful graphics from the Monster love (the cake) and the parlor treats graphics (which sadly is no longer available, but try this set, it has the same look You take the cupcake and will work great with the My Thoughts Exactly stamps.  I sat there and just therapeutically cut them out...I didn't make them perfect, but it was nice to not use the cutter. I want those that don't have a electronic cutter know that they can use the great digital products out there. 

Now for my last project I used the Svg's from the
I made this card for my sweet Coastie Nephew Kasey. He's a incredible surfer and a total water boy, hence the reason why he's a fabulous Guardian with the Coast Guard. Plus he likes girls so I thought the little hula girl would be perfect for him. 

Isn't she cute!?
This fish and bubbles are from the paper smooches stamps

So in the above picture I show you the amazing versatility of the stamps, I used the "have a fin-tastic" from the Under the Sea acrylic set, and the "birthday" from the Sweet Thoughts set. Please go visit Alyssa and my evil twin Bee to see their amazing creations.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is it the end of FreeBee Svg's?

No it's alright, just calm down for Pete's sake!
And NO I don't know anyone named Pete. freaking way!

 I'm just going to be offering them to you in a different way...from my store! It's very good!

You see I've found my thing...I want to make svg's, and cut paper. That's all! Well....and eat chocolate while watching Christian Bale. Oh and be a good Mom....and wife....(I'm exhausted after that-I need a nap).

So here's the plan, I am reworking alot of the Svg's, and when I get this store up and running, if all goes as planned, will be by the end of the week. When all of the kinks have been worked out I will be getting  free files to you.

So hurry and get your files, by August 11th and send me pictures of your creations! I would love to post them on my gallery page. Send them to beeshiveofdrama dot gmail dot com.
Here is a link to instructions on how to download HERE

Oh and don't be thinking you're getting rid of me, I'm going to keep this blog going, I wouldn't dream of ending this fun! This has been one of the most rewarding and fun adventures in my life.

peath out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rocket Man! or You SO don't want me to sing, do you?!

The Rocket Man,  Lettering Delights Grown up boys graphics
FINALLY! A real post from me, I know, I know- I'm the most important thing in your life and you hang on my every word. But you know since I'm married to Christian Bale I just don't have the time to post everyday.....Wait, I was DREAMING again.  
I wish I could sing the song to you but the truth is I cannot understand Elton John at all. The only part to the song that I know is "Rocket Man....blah blah blah" that's it, that's all you get but you COULD go to Lettering Delights and get this little rocket man for yourself, and you could go to My thoughts Exactly and get your own stamps. Stickles are everywhere but you'll have to go here to get the Trendy Twine, which makes me hungry every time I read the colors. 

I used Trendy Twine in Blue berry blue blue to wrap this tag on my little
rocket man's belt. I used the "Happy birthday" stamp from Under the sea Acrylic stamp set.
I inked each part separately so it would fit one on top of the other.

What's really been keeping me away, is me trying to get this SVG store's like me trying to read and understand the Greek Language. This world of html codes, command lines, and web hosting is probably as frustrating as using those automated links when you call a large department store and just want the underwear section. You see I've just gotten this Inkscape stuff, which by the way is much easier and not such a monster to me anymore, but it seems like a newborn puppy compared to this website noise but on a happier note, I have successfully started a Facebook page that is much easier to navigate, so come visit me, I'd love to hear your story.

Back to the card, I used the antiquated SCAL print and cut method, to cut this little man out. I cannot wait to get this new cutter that comes with MTC, it has a laser eye that will help with the whole print and cut that I'm so impressed with. I used Stickles to bling our space boy up and Inkssentials lacquer accents for the eyes. With Lettering Delights graphics there's just no need to really do anything then just accentuate the positive.
Well you could add the stamps from like I did, because they make even a non stamping person like to stamp. 

This is a little rocket stamp(I wish I could tell you who made it-
 if you know please shoot me a message) that I cut out because I didn't want to
stop stamping (ya go figure!)

The links to the products are
 Lettering Delights    
(Yes .CO not .com you'll end up at a weird place)
And last but not least
Trendy Twine

Here endeth the lesson....

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly August Stamp Release! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

I know it's hard to imagine but it has been one month since Alyssa started selling her acrylic creations, I've used them on almost every card I've made this last month, they are so versatile! Most come with a theme in mind, however, the sentiments move easily to exactly what you need for your creations.

Here is the list of the design team blogs to have a look at their original creations, I promise you, you will not be disappointed:)
Jennifer-   Our Change of Art
Lenae-   Sugar Gem
Thienly-  ModPaperie 

So did you watch the video of Brian (Alyssa's hubby) making a card? I myself am amazed at his card making prowess!

Now here are the two sets!

So without further ado, I will show you what I created for and with the BBQ set first...I love this set and it's so perfect for California, because we BBQ and swim year round. I'd have to say that anyone who also lives in Hawaii, they bbq all the time. Trust me I'd much rather be there than here much of the time, on Lanikai Beach in Kailua, checking out the Mokulua Islands. But anyhoo here it little burger card/invitation! Which by the way you will get free when you buy the Grillin' & Chillin' set from Alyssa, it's an SVG file that you can use in SCAL &  MTC. If you buy the Sweet Thoughts Set you will get a cute little Sugar Gem sweet shoppe bag Svg. You see you can't go wrong, with these power house stamp sets. 

At midnight this seemed like a great idea,
I still like it but maybe next time I'll do
it when I'm not falling asleep! True to character
I gave a novella!

When I made this SVG I wanted to give you options
on how to make it yours, I of course, used the
ketchup(catsup) & mustard to cover up areas I don't
want seen, because I messed up. But I think that even
with the mistakes, it came out pretty cute. FYI-these 
went together super fast within minutes so enjoy putting these
little yummy things together with those stamps. If you do 
create something with this I would love to see it and I will post it in my gallery
 and in my future store! 
Here's a back view and alternately this piece can be used as a
slice of bread that will work with the Picnic aspect of the stamp set.

Here they are with the cute little envelopes too...

It's been a while since I posted a project and I feel compelled to mention to you that I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my store started. I've always been the one who gets annoyed when stores don't function as they should, but NOW I am a understanding person, I will do my best to keep my impatient attitude in check, because for a novice like me to try to create a cute and original store front, and ACTUALLY make it work is a difficult thing for challenged individuals, such as myself.  I REALLY tried to get it up and running for this release but my intentions are higher than my abilities. My hubby was sent to the Eagle Fire in Southern California for several days, this coming after he was home for 1 day in a 7 day period. When you calculate this with summer time, life in general, and a challenged individual such as myself...I'm just glad there is chocolate in my household, is all I can say. (FYI-Does ANYONE remember the reason why I bought a CE? Dave did go out of county on a fire, so true to form, I put a down payment on another one! AND it comes with Make the Cut software!)

To keep you updated on everything that is going on I've created a Facebook page, come chat with me there if you'd like to. It is alot easier to update that site than this one, plus I can immediately talk to you and you to me in a more timely fashion, I love to have "discussions" and hear your stories so please come visit me, you'll just love our circle of friends, and I could always use more friends!
Now go check out Jennifer..she will amaze you with her artistic gifts!