Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly August 1st Stamp Release

OH Ya!

What makes me sweet and toasty all over? Why a STAMP Release from My thoughts Exactly! So Go there first thing Monday August 1st
and find the sweet spot that'll let you get your buns toasty. There will be a giveaway on the My Thoughts Exactly site AND some great new gifts with your purchase.  On top of all that you will get to see the whole Design Team's take on all this caloric craziness. 

I never thought I'd say this but -  Bring it on Monday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MyGrafico is having a One day only sale! 40% off of EVERYTHING!
They have some great SVG's, digital papers, and graphics, not to mention freebies! 

You betcha I'll be grabbing alot of fun from them!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Electricity- No problem

When I received these stamps from Alyssa from My Thoughts Exactly, I immediately started scheming on which SVGs I could use with them...but then I had an epiphany...."there are some people that do not have an electronic cutter"! Yes I know you're surprised, as am I. Yes there are people that ACTUALLY prefer to do this the old fashioned way. I had a brave moment where I decided that I would show everyone the versatility of these stamps, and when I say anyone can use them, you just need fingers, paper, scissors and ink. 

I found some scalloped cards in the dollar bin at Michaels along with the bird stamp. I used 4x6 paper and traced the outline and just cut it out. I used a border punch for the flowered paper, I used my hand crank die cut machine for the large blue piece, and the vellum paper with nestabilities. 
For my birthday my evil twin gave me these really cute buttons that she used her hand operated diecut machine to make, she used all kinds of pretty paper but it didn't work with the colors I used. So I traced around them with my left over paper, and attached that over it. I poked holes and used twine. Now I realize that the legs on my bird are a little thick but I tried to fix it with the inkessentials dimensional accent, but just to help you all out , store yours upside down, because mine wasn't and I had bubbles galore popping out. Next time I'll just use a thick needle and my Stickles. (Yes I share the ugly with you all too. To be honest it looks just fine up close).
Fyi- I have a Facebook page now for my hive click here if you want and that way we'll be able to communicate easier-> Bee's Hive O' Drama on Facebook

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly Design Team!

It's here, it's finally here! My very first EVER Design team project. I am still spinning because Alyssa picked me to be on her design team...ME! I think other than Alyssa there is only my evil twin to thanks for pushing me to put myself out there. She and I are in group 1 of the design team..go check out her post too. Well enough of my blabber mouth here is my project....

(Sometimes in the middle of the night I will think of a way to use the stamps together, this happens while I'm driving too. I'm sure people see me talking to myself  at the stop light with my head flopping back & forth, shaking my head, then smiling, KNOW I have lost my mind.)

In order for me to make a card, it helps if I have someone in mind. This one I had my friend Robin in mind, I probably should've used a different bird but these owls were so CUTE, because of circumstances she's ALWAYS on my mind lately. Normally the current owls that everyone is selling are mildly freaky to me. They remind me of shag haircuts, avocado green ovens, macrame, gold covered plastic framed mirrors, and those atrocious cat clocks with the tail ticking and the eyes moving side to side.....It's all so horrible to think about. BUT Jessica's Owls from her "Give a Hoot" Svg collections are so flipping cute, and don't fill me with terror that I had to use them.  
Now  back to Robin - she is this sweet, quietly hilarious person. She's been going through a very rough time, her son Mikey was diagnosed with leukemia the day after Mother's Day. He's now going through grueling chemotherapy, and will soon need a bone marrow transplant. I know this is horrifying for her and her whole family. BUT I know deep down in my heart Doodle is going to be alright and he will kick cancers butt big time. I think of her and her little family daily and want her to know that they are constantly prayed for by there friends, and she matters to me too. Her pain in this is not forgotten.

Here's the Mommy Owl, she just quietly stands
behind her little ones.

I used the step card technique in  a very simple accordion fold. I used the Lettering Delights Pennants Svg set for my stamp wording. In SCAL I selected the wavy pennant, copied then pasted them so I had six total then I selected 3 then changed them to shadow regular, for the pennant bottom layer. I used Trendy Twine sold by Annie's Paper Boutique for the pennant string in Brown (this was from the little freebie she threw in to my order)  then for the bows I used the Blueberry for the bows.  I added some support on the sides because OF COURSE I overloaded the card and it kept falling over. On the owls I used Viva Pearl Pen in brown and bronze for the eyes, to make them stand out. 
Well that is it...I had fun putting these little cuties together, please check out and check out all of her darling stamps, I bet you won't be able to exhaust all the ways you will be able to use them. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Have a Winner for the MTE mini hop!

And the winner is.....

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to announce Carolyn as the winner of the blog candy prize which is a file of her choice from Jessica's Svg Attic ! She's been a sweet, encouraging, all knowing, and such comedy relief for me in this whole blogging adventure. I've mentioned her forum many times, it centers on Inkscape and really they are the friendliest bunch of experts around! Go check it out for yourself 

No Carolyn I wasn't angry...I got too excited, and was twirling around looking for my ink and dropped one apparently. Normally when I'm angry I just sit here in my craft room, cussing under my breath, and turn blue!

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments, Don't forget my post for MyThoughtsExactly Design Team is tomorrow! So come back and check it out, this card I did get angry at, but it's still here! 

Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions at I did post the link to how to download your svg's from Google at the bottom of the post so check it out if you run into snags. Here it is again... Download Me:)

Friday, July 1, 2011

My thoughts Exactly Mini-Hop-tastic stamp release! Or how the heck did I get mixed up with such talented people?!

Normally, July 1st is not such a big day other than heralding in the real BBQ season here in the U S of A. This July 1st is different, because today you will officially be able to buy a new set of acrylic stamps from Alyssa at

Here is the mini hop line up so if you haven't gone through the list then definitely start at Alyssa's
-->Bee (ME!) <--

I know! It's been a long time that we craft addicts have been waiting but it is finally here! You will not be disappointed...these acrylic stamps are made of the highest quality clear photo polymer, they are resistant to yellowing and made here in the United States.They are virtually indestructible, (they passed the "Bee is such a bull in a china shop test, and actually stepped on them while she was using them and walked around the entire house with one stuck to her shoe".....Thank you God I didn't have ink on it!). I went to a card store just to reconfirm that this card making "thing" is really saving me money, and I picked out a beautiful card, and it was $7.00...SEVEN bucks for ONE card! For $15.00 you can get this set combine it with a free SVG (like my bee and the card shape) and you've literally spent pennies on a card. You will get your moneys worth with ONE set! Now when you consider the endless ideas you will get from Alyssa and this design team you will never be without inspiration!
Birds and the Bees Set
Under the Sea Set

Once you buy your set you will see that the spaces between the words are easily attached to another word. You won't have any awkward spaces between the phrases, so you will have the ability to have endless phrases for any occasion you choose. They really are wonderfully put together and will go with so many Svg's out there, and especially the fantastic new SVG file designer that has surfaced recently Jessica at  SVG attic! Here is her facebook page-Stop by and tell her the drama bee sent you:)
Which is the blog candy I'm offering to ONE lucky ducky hopper! You will win your choice of one of her adorable collections! ...Definitely check out her new sets she created for the My Thoughts Exactly collection...Good Luck! ( Become a follower, leave a comment on my blog and I will pick a lucky winner on the morning of July 6th, you will have lots of time to hop around.)

So here's what I did, I cut my bee with the big butt out, I made this a shape card for you to use, used the paper dolls flower several times, and attached wire to the back of a couple, used my glue dots then doubled with zip dry glue to make sure the flower doesn't bounce off and take someones eye out. (FYI those intricate cuts work much better on a Cricut cutter with NON-cricut blades...I used the Roland blades from seikitech). I had this done in one hour, which is amazing for me!
I really hope you visit Alyssa's Store and pick some up for yourself, and here is her Facebook page if you all want to be kept up to date on all this fun craziness.

Now enough of ME On to Jennifer's beautiful blog at Our Change of Art.

(For those who haven't downloaded an svg from google docs, please visit this post I did
Also I've been using the roland blue blade which is 45 degrees for card stock...)