Thursday, June 30, 2011

And the Winner is!

I'd like to thank you all for visiting this incredibly successful blog hop! Didn't you love all the different ideas? I find it so amazing what these crafters can do with paper! Paper! Thank you to all the ladies who participated in this hop I just cannot begin to say how much I appreciate all of their hard work, and their inspiring ideas.

I hope you all picked up your free svgs, check out my sidebar FreeBee Svg's for all of my Svgs I've designed. Now without further delay here is the winner of the Summer SVG shindig.

(Kitty I don't have your email address so I will give you one week to respond to me with you email address so I can send you your lettering delights gift certificate)

Also I'd like to remind you of a very special little boy who has leukemia, he is the son of one of sweet friends, he's been at all of my little ones birthday parties, and is such a gentle little boy. He's now facing a bone marrow transplant, which will mean years of treatments for him. There is a fundraising event, for him on August 6 here in Camarillo. If you cannot come to his event, you can still make a donation. It is tax deductible, and you would be helping this little family make it through this horrific time.  Any help at all is appreciated.You can email me at for further information and I can even send you the pay pal link for Doodle. Thank you so much.

Don't forget to come back for My Thoughts Exactly  mini hop celebrating the first release of her acrylic stamps, they are so incredibly cute and versatile.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer SVG ShinDig Blog Hop stop #1 or Dear Lord what have I got myself into?!

Good Morning Hoppers!
I am so glad you came today and I KNOW you will not be unhappy with the talent you are going to be seeing. I was so excited when Thienly told me YES we should do a blog hop showcasing 3rd party software and SVG's! We decided to do Summer Activity SVG's. I'd like to thank her in advance for all of her help, suggestions, and inspiration. 
Now that the stars are aligned in our favor let's get on with the hop
Here is the line up. I am stop #1 Thank you God! (I will explain the reason why in a moment)

3. Alyssa    (yes NO M or you'll end up somewhere else)

So now I will spill why I am happy to be number 1, and not for the reason you think. These are some of the most talented I've ever seen, true artists in this crazy cutting world. So you will see my project then you will quickly forget me :)

Here is my project- I did a two page scrapbook layout. I always do two page layouts on 12x12 paper. I enjoy  scrapbooking, probably more than any thing else. I'm always nervous to send cards to people after I witnessed someone throwing one away. You see handmade cards are so personal to me, I wouldn't dream of throwing them away. It's like a little piece of the person that made it for you. But scrapbooks are for me, I can put in as much or as little effort as I want. They only need to make me happy, and usually what makes me happy is what makes my hubby and my kids happy. 

Last summer my little family and my sister in-law's little family met up in Crescent City. It's a coastal town right next to the coast. It's located in some of the oldest forests on Earth. ( Did you know the Earth, at one time, was covered in Coastal redwoods sequoia sempervirans and Giant Sequoia's Sequoiadendron Giganteum?).
We all made our way over to the Tree's of Mystery (yes Babe the blue ox is anatomically correct- click here to find out) and then on to Prairie Creek State Park.
It is a forest that is lush, magical, and so beautiful that if Tinkerbell made an appearance YOU would not be surprised, in fact "Return of the Jedi" was filmed in these forests. 
So I tweaked my Coastal redwood tree, to change it to a little more cartoonish, because the real looking Svg's just didn't look right next to the trees that I photographed.  I figured I can't compete with those so why should I try...

Click here for your Redwood SVG.. and here's another Redwood Tree SVG it's layered so check out my using layers tutorial

No forest would be complete without some birds, they do so much
for bug- aphobes such as myself..I used Lettering Delights Funky Bird doodlebats
for them.

Those are Roosevelt Elk (the animal-not the kids-I know there isn't much difference some times) .
We stayed hidden in the car and didn't get close.

I caught my hubby giving my printed paper weird looks when I was putting the trees together, but he likes the look of it all now. I did figure out a way to print my titles then use my spellbinder shapes....I was tickled it worked. This might be where you tell me "Bee you bonehead I've been doing that forever! YOU didn't know that?!" I would urge you NOT to do this....I have Barney music and I'm not afraid to use it.
I used magic tape just on the medal and the surrounding paper,
so it doesn't slip away. 
So that's it for my project, please become a follower, leave a comment, and I will draw a random name on Wednesday (I will leave the drawing open until Wednesday the 29th). 
Also come back on the first I will be in a mini hop with my My Thoughts Exactly Design Team we will be using her adorable stamps to celebrate the release of the first set! Trust ME even a bonehead such as myself, can look clever using them:)

Now hop on over to my Sweet friend Thienly at ModPaperie

Friday, June 17, 2011

Print & Cut or Did anyone notice the elephant in the room?

I used the Circus Fun Graphic set, and gold ribbon for the tassels,Stickles because I can
for a very Fancy 5 year old princess- Happy Birthday Karissa! 

So you asked for it and Lettering Delights delivered...Files in Different cutting  formats! 
Let me just tell you this is no easy feat...I should know, I have tried to convert a couple of my svg's and it's pretty involved. As Soon as I can get my little hands on a silhouette I will! Because to do this print and cut card I made it's a complete pain in SCAL2. You really have to have a few different programs to make it work in scal because it just doesn't import graphics that well. But I'm hooked irregardless with the print and cut. 

Also don't forget about the Summer SVG shindig!

Here is the Line up - I'm sure once you visit their blogs you will see WHAT a
line up is and WHY it took me 3 days to get my project done! I will have another SVG to for you!

1. Belinda (aka Bee)
2. Thienly       
3. Alyssa      
4. Bee (my evil twin)
5. Jessica     
6. Jin             
7. Julietta     
8. Lora           
9. Ruthie     

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a GREAT Monday! Or a way to kick Monday's Butt

The Birthday Card for Sensei Shawn at Camarillo Shotokan- The kids have a love /fear thing
for him, but he's awesome! I used Lettering Delights NINJA KICKS svg set-It's so adorable!
It's been a while since I've actually looked forward to a MONDAY...I have so much news in this post.

1. Who Won
2. My Newest SVG's & see them in action
3. The DESIGN TEAM I am on!

New SVG's
Ok let us start with my new SVG's which I might mention are free. Head on over to the Paper Dolls blog to pick up the file. I made quite a few elements so use them and enter the challenge, you can use one or all. It's up to you what you make, there are ideas posted that will give you the inspiration on different ways to use them, plus you can win a gift certificate to a couple of fabulous online shops!
Alyssa's adorable New Home Card- It makes me want to move
so I can use this idea!
Design Team for My Thoughts Exactly

Which brings me to my next big news item which is directly related to Alyssa and her new line of stamps. She put out the call for a design team. My evil twin convinced me to apply (by convincing I mean harassing) and I'm so glad she did! I've been picked for the team! I'm still in a cloud but so very excited for this next step. My evil twin and Thienly are also on this team which makes it so very comforting to know that I'm going to be in a group of over achievers....I'm scrambling now and chewing my nails.  Here is the list of bloggers Alyssa chose- please go leave them love and tell them to try not to make me look so bad, please.

Thienly Azim of Mod Paperie
 Lenae Gem of Sugar Gem*
 Jessica Lattimer of Crafty Rocket Science
Jennifer Rzasa of Our Change Of Art
Bee aka the Evil One of  Dare2beeCreative
Now for the blog hop winner!

I blew it when I posted this earlier- I forgot to thank Angie  for putting together the blog hop...I will mention you again in my next post. I was so caught up in ME that I forgot to thank you for all of your efforts. I suck in more ways than one:( Please forgive me and know that YOU ROCK! But I so won't be buying you a shake weight no matter how much you want one! ;)

Which is Jennifer!

I've got your email- Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for all of your kinds words, they really do mean alot to my friends that are going through such a struggle. I will be posting a link so you can donate directly to this little family with the next Amazing blog hop I'm participating in which includes some of the best crafters out in this fun blogging world! It will be the last weekend in June, please come visit it just won't be a ShinDig without you:)

Here endeth this ridiculously long blog post:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

WHAT's NEW Blog Hop stop #4 or "To the last, I grapple with thee"

Hello Hoppers! I'm so happy you made it to my blog, and I hope you've been enjoying yourself and learning all kinds of techniques you can rip off....uuuummm DUPLICATE.
If you've come from Angela's #4, You're in the right place. Here is a list of all the bloggers in this hop in case you've missed anyone.

3. Angela (Sorry all apparently Angela has been dealing with a temperamental mother nature...hail the size of golfballs! Leave her love though)
You are HERE -->4. Belinda<---
Okay on to the fun stuff.

 This is a card for my best friend, Sandee. As much as I would like to give you the details on why the word (not the animal, love Whales) is a lesson hilarity, that is for a glass of wine and if you come to the softball tournament for Doodle,  I will tell you! Just trust me that my face changes colors because it makes her and and I laugh so hard we cry. A mental picture of her face at the exact moment the Whale became a funny word to us both, remains clear in my mind. Thank God for best friends that have been there for so many years:)

My Whale-y huge card pre "fixing"

Whale-y Huge card POST Fixing with my Copics

I've always admired people who can sew....because I suck at it. I literally failed my Home Economics project in middle school. I can do basics when I need to, but I loathe having to do them. In this case I noticed my friend Thienly did actual stitching on her card and I was so impressed with the finished project. It's an accent but it is a bold accent that I just can't put my finger on why it completes the project. If this gives you any idea how long it takes me to get my rear in gear the project is a CHRISTMAS card, and we are entering summer.
But I went on Ebay and bought a tiny little sewing machine to do this technique that I swore I would never do.
It's tiny, purple, and isn't too complicated for a challenged individual such as myself.  I basically just picked a color that I didn't use much in the card, orange, and sewed the borders together, and framed a couple of pieces.

I used LetteringDelights card set G, this set of cards are very long. But I like the different look to them, very modern. I used the whale and water border from their SevenSeas Svg Collection, and embossed the paper with my cuttlebug. I used a frame that I made for the PaperDolls blog  as a featured artist, to highlight my little whale. I used Viva Pearl Pen for the water drops topped with some stickles for shine.
Click here to get your waterspout SVG

The water spout is a SVG I made and cut with my electronic cutter. You can download that SVG by clicking on the link under the picture. I plan to use it all summer long, because it just wouldn't be summer without water!

Here is how I made the fixes to the lettering to make it pop just a little more. I had already adhered it to the card and made a decision to FIX it later, after it was PERMANENTLY adhered. This is a standard practice of mine, I'm not proud of it, but as long as I can figure out how to redeem myself, I guess it's ok.

I used a scrap piece and slid it under my lettering,and with a NON shaky hand I lightly brushed the edges CAREFULLY!

As you ALL  know, crafting is a therapy. I made this card after I found out a dear friend's little boy was diagnosed with cancer, leukemia. He's only 4 years old. I don't need to tell other mothers of the paralyzing fear that this little ones Mommy & Daddy are feeling. This was a devastating blow to her family and her friends. Please everyone say a prayer for this little boy and his family. Here is the original post I wrote the day I found out about Doodles leukemia . His family is having a fundraising softball tournament at one of our local parks. If you live in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or even Los Angeles County and you like softball, consider supporting this adorable little boy and having a great fun day with your team. I will be there  (don't worry I'm not playing, I will be baking and volunteering where I'm needed ) and would love to meet some of my fellow bloggers.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I hope you become a follower and leave a comment because I will be drawing a random number from the comments and giving the lucky winner a $5.00 gift certificate to Lettering Delights.

Now hop on over to Heather
 Happy Hopping!

Loving Summer or Summer Loving


Either way it works at 50% off!
 Lettering Delights is at again by showing their love of Summer paper crafting! 
See the Lettering Delights selected Summer love Svg's, Digital Paper, Graphics, Digital stamps, and Fonts.
You have two weeks to shop the Summer Sale...go NOW!

If you buy 5 of the new SVG's remember to plug in the coupon code FiveSVGS at checkout and save an additional 5 bucks! 

Then send me a picture of what you create!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Hero

In honor of PapaMan's day and ME being a featured artist on the The PaperDolls Blog, I have TWO free SVGs for today. One is a Firefighters helmet (you can just not cut out the LaCounty emblem and make your own:) and the other is a Card shaped like a Firefighter's helmet. too can get a big steaming pile of ME and TWO SVG's... FREE! 

Since all of this blogging wouldn't be happening unless I had a incredibly supportive hubby and in honor of all "scrubbies" that support our habit, I thought I would feature my favorite one on this Earth.

 His name is Dave.
I call him Dave the depraved sometimes, sometimes he's called other things (which I cannot print), but 99% of the time he is adored. He may not always get told this, but he really is held in such high regards in this house.
He's the first person I call when I'm overjoyed, sad, or mad. He's always ready to help, unless there's a game on, which I don't fault him for-it's genetic.

He does dishes, laundry, errands,breakfast/lunch/dinner, homework and is always making me laugh. He is one of the funniest people I know. He will actually listen when I rant about history, politics, and EVEN paper crafting. He's my biggest fan.  When ANY music from "Saturday Night Fever" is playing...he MUST dance. He makes french toast that is to die for, and the meanest tastiest margarita that makes all others pale in comparison. He massaged my legs and feet every night he was home from work when I was pregnant, held my hair back with the morning (who am I kidding All freaking day sickness) sickness. He went to EVERY obstetrics appointment! And I just won't even mention our trip to Colorado prior to kids, we still laugh til I pee with that one!- that's a story best to tell over a glass of wine with the girls.

Happy Father's Day Dave (you SF-snickering).

Here is the link for a FireFighter Helmet Card
This was a really quick card-It was 1:00 am and this is the result...tired!  but I KNOW you
can do better:)

Download ME:)

Left click on the svg link
Left click on File- select Download Original
You will be presented with a HUGE image of the SVG file..It's ok you didn't
make a mistake. Now just RIGHT click on it, and save image. You can call it any name you wish
but don't change the .svg extension.

There you've done it. If you notice that things aren't working properly Please don't hesitate to contact me at 

Here endeth the lesson:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yep ANOTHER one! At first I was like naaaa then I was like whaaatt? Then I went Angie? I go Yah!
Sorry I reverted to the Valley girl talk...But come on by my friends and check it out! I will have a new SVG to give away AND Candy:)
Oh yes and don't forget I share my Lettering Delights love with Y'all! I will be giving away a gift certificate to a lucky winner!

After that I will be doing a SVG Summer Activity Blog hop with Thienly and my evil Twin, did I mention that I have a Crafty wife too?