Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes I still play with Dolls...

Link Party happening right now...come post your project with and SVG! You CAN use a cartridge project but have an SVG on there somewhere:) Just click link under the picture and let's get this party started!

Don't know what an SVG is..where have you been? Use your electronic cutter and unleash your creative side. Visit Craftedge & checkout SCAL3 -It's more than just cards...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My PaperDolls

The Paper Dolls

I'm so excited about this new blog  and facebook page, brought to you by my buddy Thienly and ANOTHER over achiever in the craft department, Tamara. They are working on this blog/forum/challenge depot/ svg hub together!
 I'm telling you the T's remember their roots, remember why  they began doing this crafty stuff. They understand how the smell of pigment ink, Copic markers and a good piece of card stock can make a girl go weak in the knees. When a new product comes on the market, they too will be saying "A WHAT? What does it DO? oooooo!". I have no doubt we'll be seeing great things from them!

I can't wait to see what they do, what they want US to do- Come on and take a look at the T girls:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Doodle and heroes

Grown up boy Graphic set

I'm sorry I can't be funny today (yah I know looks aren't everything), I'm sorry I don't even feel like it. I won't wish for it....right now the only thing I'm wishing for and praying to God for is for the end to pediatric cancer. I'm praying for a cure, this awful disease has struck to close to home for me to ignore and pray I never will gaze upon it. Now I cannot look away, I cannot ignore it...it has attacked a little boy whom I've always found so incredibly adorable and sweet! A little boy that blessed our lives just 4 years ago. Here is a picture that will show you his lust for life.
Mikey aka Doodle

 You see there are these people that I met by chance, and as soon as I met them I fell in love with all them, the entire family. I began dreaming...well okay...SCHEMING of a way to arrange a marriage between my children and just one of theirs so I would ALWAYS have them in my life. I cannot imagine life without them, they are true friends to me and my little family. (I mentioned them in this blog recently Easter beasties&bunnies).

This little boy will beat it, I know this, because his family is a tight knit one, and so incredibly strong together. Please everyone- utter a little prayer for this little guy and his family. I will be adding a link soon, when the family is at a state when they can tell me where they need funds to go. Right now I do know this, they need blood platelets, if your in the surrounding Los Angeles Area and you can help go by Childrens Hospital and donate platelets. Here is the link to his facebook pageMikey's facebook page- Send him happy thoughts

(For the card I used the technique from the blog "Clever Someday", I printed the graphic then made a silhouette of the graphic,  imported into SCAL, this is very tricky...and annoying, But the techinique in Clever Someday works the best. I then welded 2 silhouettes together to make the card. His Daddy is a firefighter for LA City Fire Department, hence the big smiling card.)

Please visit my sidebar for the free SVG's I offer. I'm working on a firefighter helmet, it's almost done. So check back often.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mom, MOm MOM MOM-Mommeee Mommeee Mommeeeee

I do believe this is an SvgCuts freebie, could it be one of their archived svg's? 

Yes...I know. You've heard it.... you've heard it a hundred times today already. You will hear it a thousand times more today.
 When you sigh, roll your eyes...maybe do a little stomping of your feet ( which is barely detectable to the naked eye), maybe slam the dryer door a little harder then necessary, and you may even pretend you didn't hear it- I understand. I get you. I'm pickin' up what you're layin'down .When you start thinking that you're ready for the "meanest MOM ever!" contest- I want you to take a deep breath and listen to me.....YOU ARE HUMAN! Not superhuman, you ARE special, but you're not going to be the perfect mother all the time. The perfect mother is an illusion, an illusion made available to you compliments of a marketing company trying to sell cookbooks with ingredients you cannot read much less pronounce. Offered by a genetic freak of a model that lost the entire 15 pounds she gained while pregnant after she did her obligatory poop in the hospital before she could go home after giving birth (YES! I will hold your hair back for you). It's ok if you get impatient with picking up toys, over and over again. It's alright when you enforce the rules, especially the bedtime rule...I know your bliss when you can finally hear yourself think and the possibilities are endless for the two hours you have before you know YOU have to go to bed, because you know what tomorrow is going be like. I got ya when you end up falling asleep while your writing out bills, checking homework or reading the amazing novel that's taken you 6 months to get through 2 chapters. 
You love your children right? LOVE is responsible for the feelings of fear we have watching our kids cross the street, ride their bike, go to school, and suffer through shots at the doctors office. It's a pricey one. It is my humble opinion that it is the most expensive thing a human can do....love your child. We all know it is worth the price you pay for it since it is the only possession we are allowed to take with us when we leave this world. 
So where was I....oh yeah.... Mom. I made this card for my Mom. The single Mom that escaped my abusive genetic sire. The young Mom that wasn't perfect but bought me a white canopy bed and assembled it while I was at a girl scout meeting. The Mom that bought me chocolate pudding at the LA Natural History Museum because she knew that something little like that would make me so very happy. The Mom that fumed with anger at a boy who was bullying me, and told me I would have to fight back, bullies will continue to be bullies until you stand up for yourself on the outside and the inside. (I was 7. The bully had pulled my pants down,pointed then laughed. I then encountered him after my Mom's war speech and I threw a rock at him- calm down -a small one!- then squarely kicked him in the privates- He NEVER bothered me again). I made the card for my Mom that still gets angry when I'm treated badly, that is still my cheerleader, and my protector. I love you seems so small, but it is the most expensive thing I own.

I used the SvgCuts.com  collection called My Moms attic which is free! The tree I used from Lollychops which I came across via this adorable blog called Little Leaf Lane (she'll be joining the 'Hood soon-welcome little mama!). I welded the two scalloped together in SCAL2, and used vellum behind the little tree, COLOR it from the back after you glue it, that is my suggestion-If your thinking that I tried to color it from the front...all I can say is ...IT'S ME! Remember? I suck and always find a way to do it the hard way. Here endeth the lesson. 

Happy Mothers Day everyone!