Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silhouette files? Anyone?

So I thought I might offer Silhouette ready files....Does anyone have a silhouette and be willing to email me and let me know if they cut correctly? I use a 12x12 work area, this is the one thing I think might be an issue but I would love to know if it REALLY is an issue (it matches the 12x12 cutting mat) in Inkscape  since I don't own a silhouette.

Please let me know if it works...or doesn't. Please be specific about what the problem too. "It's ugly" is just not going to be constructive to me :)

Soon Lettering Delights will be offering silhouette I'm hopping on that train baby!

Vintage Bee

...I hope you can cut it. If it's successful PLEASE let me know (and if it is not successful) and I will begin the process of creating copies in .DXF format for you.

If there are any other formats you would like I would be grateful for an opportunity to try it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Beasties & Bunnies

Click here for to get your beastie boxes from Lettering Delights

We have an annual Easter shindig we are invited to each year...It is much anticipated by my little family because THE Group is families that we've hung out with since the kids started preschool.  You probably have a group of peeps like this...with people like this you don't understand what all the fuss is about with pre-arranged marriages, some call it controlling but I just call it IN-Law control.  So if my  son or daughter marries one of these kids I wouldn't ever have a problem during a holiday gathering. I do not need to tell you about the special kind of hell a holiday is with people that are determined to make your hair fall out or make you spontaneously combust into a raging ball of fire. 

 I made about 35 of these little things, it definitely requires a different approach when you begin to cut these in the volume that I did. I Ungrouped my beastie, and cut each portion of the bunny and monster in a attempt to make this go faster, it really does make it easier...see my video below.
Here is the link for the Monster Box...FYI Lettering Delights has a silhouette format for their cutting files too! (SORRY not til JUNE- Forgive me!)

In case you might be wondering the SVG's that I offer for free are on the sidebar of my blog.
I hope you won't tear me apart TOO much when I say PRINT instead of CUT....But here endeth the lesson.

Monday, April 18, 2011

And The Winners ARE.....

I am so excited to announce the winners of my blog hop contest! First I'd like to say THANK YOU to Angie at for organizing this hop, I'm sure all of the participants are thankful for your efforts as much as I am, and to all my co-hoppers, I enjoyed being part of such a diverse group of hat is off to you all. Thank you for your comments, I loved seeing all of them, and if you haven't been blogging I want to encourage you to do so, you will just love the people you meet. Ok blah blah blah....I'll stifle it now!

Okay here is the first winner that I gleaned from Random.Org

Winner 1
A fellow hopper
Love your card & the colors!
LD has some really cute svg's, I really need to get some of them.
Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win:)

April 15, 2011 10:40 AM
Winner 2   
Lucila Ortega 

I am Colombian. I love to participate in their blog hop, I apologize that I do not speak English, but it helped me a translator. 
April 16, 2011 11:46 PM
(I know Lucila I love translator too! Don't apologize-I'm so happy you came!)

I will be emailing you both with your gift certificate numbers. There is ONE stipulation, you need to let me know what you've made so I can post it here on my blog....Remember I need all the help I can get!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tax Day Blues Blog HOP #7

Welcome to the Tax Day Blues Blog Hop! I am your 7th on your journey through 15 bloggers. If you came from Angelia's blog at then your on the right track.
Below is a list of the all the bloggers participating in our hop, just in case you get lost along the way.

1. Angie
2. Ellen
3. Tristan
4. Tammy
5. Elaine
6.. Angelia
->7. Belinda <-
8. Mary
9. Wendy
10. Jackie
11. Jill
12. Leah
13.  Mary
14. Tiffany
15. Monica

I've used elements from Lettering Delights in my card. WHICH in case you were wondering is the Candy that's handy! Be a follower and comment on this post and you will automatically be entered for the drawing. I will be giving two $5.00 gift certificates to two lucky winners, (whew that's alot of T's).  Make sure I know who you are, I will announce the winner on Monday. 
Okay all that noise aside let's get to the FUN stuff...This little big card I made for my sister in-law. She is very sweet to me, is always ready to listen, and I know she's on my side. Shouldn't we all have a sister just like her?

I used Lettering Delights Card E (now in hindsight I should've placed my designs in the horizontal plane so she could stand it up, BUT remember it is ME we're talking about.
Ever done this? Thought the color was FAB when it was late & dark, after a glass of Pinot,  then in the morning light, you wonder WHAT you were thinking?
This is why SureCutsAlot2 is so Fabulous. I always save my project, it'll be a scut file, I reopen it and just cut the parts I need again- Voila! 

I used MS Word and my lettering delight digital paper and fonts. Check out my tutorial for this if you want to know how.
I used the following products for this projectLettering Delights  Card E
Lettering Delights  Spring Flourish 
Lettering Delights  Scalloped borders  Rosies Ribbons Annie's edge

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed yourself and I look forward for more visits from you...Your next stop is  your  Mary at     BYE!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tax Day Blues Blog Hop

Tax Day Blues Blog Hop

April 15 - 17 

Welcome to the Blog hop in honor of whiniest day in the US of A. Yes it's TAX deadline DAY and we will be echoing the whining of our forefathers. Since we became a country of our own, it's been downright UnAmerican to Not lament on the Big Day.

 You know I love my country, and I think it's an honor to pay taxes, Please put the Rock down- yes yes they are a bit much sometimes, but would I be happier to not have a nice rode to drive on? Or not having the police come when I need OR not have a firefighter come when I need them too? I'm sure you're like me and  just have issues with buying toilet seats for $10,000, or Bottled water for representatives that vote against clean water acts and recycling programs.

Well this blog hop isn't about TAXES at all! It's about taking your mind off of that and looking at fabulous crafts, maybe getting something for just tapping a few keys on your keyboard. It's tax free, my gift to you from a Whiny girl to another whiny gi...well another person who may or may not whine, be a girl, or pay taxes, or be an get the idea, just come back!

Sure Cuts Alot & = heaven!

My little cherry blossom bonsai tree

I'm not a terribly competitive person, unless there are embellishments to buy, then I would suggest you exit from my path, and just let me at them.

 But as far as talent goes, I know I am wise to bow my head to greater talent. Which brings me to my point, my adorable friend Thienly is hosting a challenge at the  forum. We are to use the free cherry blossom svg files, this is the only requirement.

My darling friend thought it a perfect project to bring the the forefront the suffering of the Japanese people during the THREE horrendous disasters they've endured. I'm sure that many of you feel awful for them,  wish we could do something more. Other than donations to the organizations that can help, we can pray for their well being, and pray that the airlines would deliver some clean radiation free water free of charge to the Japanese people. Is it really such stretch to ask? Ok I'm off of my soap box but I know you get what I'm layin' down, right my peeps?

Monday, April 4, 2011

A tutorial on how to use layered SVG's.

This is my first ever tutorial. It is my tutorial on cutting a layered SVG, some of my friends I won't name names, ( her nickname is the same as mine ssshhhh), didn't or don't know how to do this. I am happy to say she knows now, her art is amazing, I steal ideas from her ALL the time. I am eager to help, but not for the reason you think, it's really because I don't want to be the only one obsessed with it. I think I've already told you that I don't suffer alone- So come on kids let's suffer obsession TOGETHER!

 If you already know then go on with your bad self and GIT -UNLESS you want to hear me say "uuuhhhhh" and "uuuummm", BUT in case you really don't know and you want to see how SCAL works with stacked layered SVG's well COME ON and watch. I'm just getting ready for my Tax Day Blues Blog HOP, my first ever(shining my nails). I am going to have blog candy too! So if your not a follower already do so now so you can be a part of my glory....Um THE blog hop that I'm participating in on April 15th - 17th.

Here is the link to The darling SVG's I used Felt Owl Right ...if you haven't heard Lettering Delights is still having their DOLLAR DAYS, SVG sets are $2.00 and I'm telling you they are just adorable.

(ps try to remember this is my first attempt at a tutorial-don't make fun of me too much, remember I DO know I suck)