Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A MoNstroSity of a card

It's hard to read but it says "Have a Monstrously Happy Birthday"

My nephew really isn't a monster, but if he was one of these monsters, I'd be ok with that. However, he is a  regular non-slimy, non-scaly,  non-spiky little boy. I'm not really sure if he likes Monsters. But what kid doesn't like the whole Monsters, Inc concept? I KNOW he has a great sense of humor and excellent taste so I'm not too worried.

I used my monster & ooey gooey svg files Plus a word saying from a muse of mine, Jamie Lane (her blog is Bits of Paper). On the inside of the card I used her graphic file Wish Big, I think it's perfect for this monstrosity. I used the graphic calendar, Monster Love, and Denim&bluejeans background graphic paper from Lettering Delights. Now to combine all of these I used MS Word, and imported these as pictures, and began the finagle of the objects. I'm learning, and I'm just loving what I'm learning!
All Monsters need google eyes!

On the areas where I wanted to highlight I used Inkessentials Glossy Accents from Ranger inks. I was still angry at my Crystal lacquer, so it's on a time out on my desk. This works just as well but doesn't clog up in the nozzle as easily.
Ranger Industries Inkssentials Glossy Accents Medium 2 oz. Fine-Tip Bo

Here is a list of my free Svgs
Fuzzymonster SVG
Slime Monster SVG
The Great Horned Monster SVG
OoeyGooey SVG

I'm sure you'll agree- goo and monsters aren't just for Halloween anymore!

On April 15 - 17 , I will be participating in my first blog hop. It's called the Tax Day Blues blog hop, So I'll do my best to give you something for freeeeee! FYI if you become follower on my blog, dashboard will keep you updated! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Freebie Alert!

Okay they're at it again!

Get on over to Lettering Delights and get this adorable freebie

While you're there check out all the other SVG sets and Graphics, you will dig it!

May I suggest if you are planning on purchasing SCAL or MTC and a cutter, OR your cutter allows you to import SVGs- go ahead and start your SVG collection now. You can save all of your files and have them ready when your spankin' new cutter arrives.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Same tree Different bird or 2nd Verse same as the 1st!

SvgCuts.com A2 Cards for all Occassions- Daisy Frame

I was cutting these cute little trees at KLDezign blog  and I couldn't stop! They just looked so cute in any paper I cut them in...add the Stickles and I-rock jewels and it's just heaven. It gets even prettier if you have a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio.
The inside- I used MSWord to print out the greeting, and YES
that is a Delilah tag from LetteringDelights
One thing that really annoyed me is my new bottle of Crystal Lacquer (Love the stuff), doesn't have the teeny tiny nozzle that allows just a tiny strip. It really is a cool embossing liquid that keeps it's shape and highlights what you want highlighted, takes an eternity to dry but it is worth the wait.

I  hope my amazing Aunt likes the card. She's been such a sweet,hilarious, inspiring, and fun part of my life. She's now that to my children too. I think they are just so lucky to have her in their life, she comes to the plays, volunteers in their classes, watches them ride horses, let's them feed her chickens and horses, lets them get dirty and so happy in the process. She struggles on a moment to moment basis taking care of my Uncle who has Parkinson's disease. He is this enormous man that was so witty and fun to talk to, he loved cold coffee, naps,travelling, movies and more than anything, he loves my Aunt. He still tries to take care of us when we visit, and still clowns around. My Aunt is my hero in too many ways to count, a champion to the things that can't speak like our animals and our forests. She's an undiscovered artist, and always stood up for me when no one else did. I love you Linda, more than you'll ever know.

Even Blogger thinks I SOOK!

So AnnMaree at Emucreations is leaving a comment, which she ALWAYS does, and makes me happy in her  extreme kindness.
However today we've just learned that EVEN Freaking Blogger thinks I suck...

(This made me laugh so hard I scared the kids)

Spring trees for my sister

I used the tree svg files from KLDezign blog  - I just love Google translate

There are a couple of cards that I'm just- not- SURE- if I'm seeing it the right way...in other words, does this card blow? It took me about a week to figure out if I want to blog about this one. I was concerned about having things thrown at me again, like tomatoes, but then I had to remind myself, YOU CAN'T throw tomatoes at me- nanner nanner! My friends & readers are just to sweet for that. But thank goodness I have Muse's who've shown me that I HAVE to ink the edges when I combine patterns. So what do you think? Should I go back to my hidey hole under a rock? I'm still sending the card, because it's for my sister and she doesn't have the option to critique it, or I spill even more details of what she did when she was young to my niece and nephews. Does that make me bad? Don't answer that.

I love these little tree svg's! I love Google translate too, I found this great blog KLDezing.blogspot.com - she makes beautiful Svg's and some adorable projects. I remember thinking last year as I downloaded them- these aren't very me, but they're cute, but what the heck can I use them on? Luckily I've noticed all these owls, and simplistic forest type SVG sets, and voila, inspiration. Oh and a word to the wise, don't translate if you want to make a comment. 

The colors aren't ones that I myself like, but my sister loves these colors, I have to admit they are rather cool together. I used SvgCuts.com basic borders, and Lettering Delights elements from the "how tweet it is" and Delilah tags collection .

I again combined different SVG retailers, SvgCuts.com and LetteringDelights.com. When you have SCAL and these two fabulous SVG retailers you will have no limit to your creations. I just couldn't imagine being held to cartridges only, or one particular cutters menu of cuttables. Thank you to all these amazing retailers-I love you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Lover!

So my evil twin found a site that will serve so many  needs in Japan, and as I explained to her, to me so I can flap my jaws, and give everyone, and I do mean everyone, who has a right to it...my opinion. 

In a previous post I talked about meeting my friend Thienly. Her entire family is amazing, as I've stated before. Her Mom Chisato made a purse for me, didn't know me but made a beautiful purse for me. Thienly & Chisato's family are from Japan, THEY are Japanese in direct origin. My neighbor is Japanese, I take my kids to Japanese Karate, what more motivation to help do I need? The truth is Thienly had me from hello. But what can we do from here is what I kept thinking that morning when I found out about the earthquake , then a tsunami, then now this Nuclear crisis!? The sad fact is nothing. There is nothing I can do. But my dollars can do alot. I've always felt it's better to give it directly, and there are branches of the Salvation Army ( I love those bellringers!) and the Red Cross in Japan already. So who better than those organizations and individuals that are over there already! The next one will be Habitat for Humanity and you guessed it they have a Japanese branch as well!

I realize that there are scummy people out there who are ready to take advantage of our kindness so I've checked it, and I hope you will too. Here is their facebook link  We add Up 

So go check out this site and get your racy red shirt and flap your jaws with me. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Lettering Delights DOLLAR Days

I'll BUY that for a Dollar!

Lettering Delights is at it again! So click Here to have a look at the phenomenal savings and have a blast! I know I am...I'm going to shop tonight even though I should be rehearsing...but I'm just going to put it all in my shopping cart and then use the codes tomorrow to celebrate my impending failure! Shopping ALWAYS cheers me up!

Remember! Even if you don't have a cutter, a printer works fantastic for 95 percent of their other items...I love the Alphabets, doodlebats and graphics too.

Dollar Days starts March 15th. All fonts, doodlebats, graphics, clipart, alphabets, and paper packs will only be $1. SVG's will be $2. Mini albums will be $3. Early Bird savings from March 15-March 18th. Save 10% on $15 purchase or more with code: InBloom. Save 25% on $35 with code: BiggerBloom.

Dollar Days

Shamrocks, Pocahontas, and yellow belts...not necessarily in that order.

I really try to not overthink things, however in this situation I am required to overthink it. My main fear at this point, is that grade Kindergarten thru 3rd grade are allowed to bring tomatoes to my performance as Pocahontas. Yes...that's right... I am to become Pocahontas.

 I'm terrified that I'm going to sweat so much that I will have my own illegal sweat lodge in my fake fur and pink beads. (I'm a stickler for details such as this, the East Coast Native Americans didn't look like Plains tribes, nor SouthWest tribes, this really bothered me until as I researched their clothing in the pictures, the women just wore little skirts and were essentially topless. Yah Authentic schmentic, where's the pink plastic beads?!). It's the details in information that I'm worried about, like how many times did the Powhatan tribe attack the James Fort? Ok I realize that this is what I will sound like to the children "HI! My name is Pocahontas, I'm a strangely old woman pretending to be young(isn't that what Sharon Stone does?) Blah blah blah blah. Pumpkins and turkey. blah blah blah. Movie....blah blah blah". When I rehearsed with my kids it didn't give me the confidence boost I was hoping for...they yawned and asked me when I was going to be done.

I plan on creating another personality that will take over when all the papers come to me when the kids start school. This new personality will stand behind me with a hammer, if I begin to say "Why YES it will be fun to do Women in History and perform for children" my other personality will promptly break my right hand. The alternative is too horrible to think about.

My kids are going to be testing for their yellow belt in Shotokan karate. It is a source of fear as all you parents know, that your little ones are going to be judged on their abilities, so basically they judge your kids on if they can control their spastic little limbs, that somehow resembles a kata.

Now to the Green part. Here's my version of a lucky clover for St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Catholic, I'm Protestant, there may be a small amount of Irish in my genes- apparently not enough to drink that God forsaken beer! I'll just have a Margarita with my Protestant butt instead, and respect the Irish for their Coolness! 

-->click here for Shamrock/Lucky Clover SVG<-

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The cold medicine made me do it!

I used SVGCUTS Cards for all occasions AND Lettering Delights - I think they compliment each other well.

Lettering Delights - Delilah Tags -
click on my link on the sidebar

SvgCuts.com Lotus  card from their A2 Cards for All Occasions

The plague came again, and the plague won...but not with me! I took cold medicine and crafted. Which if you took that at face value you might think it was a good thing....until you actually looked at the over the top brightness of the papers I used. But I really only used the colors that were in the yellow based paper, I couldn't possibly come up with an original idea like this on my own. It didn't help that I was watching "Miss Potter"- which I have to tell you was the sweetest movie I've seen in a long time! I won't tell you which part I started laughing and crying at the same time, because I was SO happy...I was on cold meds OK?! Other than a sad incident in the  movie that had my daughter and I dripping big crocodile tears with quivering lips, it is wonderful for children to see. 

However, one thing that I would like to point out is how well the two SVG companies work together, don't you think? They really are top of the line in the SVG trades.

Oh and did you notice the new computer?..yep my scrubby bought me one! He complained that he would never see me now, but I said "Naaaa, I'll be able to do my THANG so much quicker!", That was a week ago, and I miss my husband so much....snicker snicker.

In case you need to know-  I used a little butterfly punch from ek success, my cuttlebug, and stickles because I have to!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My! It's really expensive to suck, I have so many to blame.

I knew I could count on YOU. I just felt that I could share my new purchases with YOU and you would understand my need to buy more crap, errr aaaaaa, SUPPLIES and TOOLS.

I will blame other bloggers for this, because it's convenient to not take responsibility. This particular shopping excursion I will blame on that Pinky girl over at "Much Ado About Nothing", she had the I-Bond tool that made it look SO easy- I just had to buy it. Oh and she had pom pom trim, and I had to have that! As you know when you go on line and start looking at cr-supplies, you get sucked into more and more. Thus there is no explanation needed for the glittery and colored glue sticks, and all the other ribbons.

The "Spellbinders" I will so unselfishly blame my evil twin, Bee- at Dare2beecreative, She's responsible for ALOT of my mischievousness in the market place. I am blameless when I am subjected to her creations. She uses the Cuttlebug- I have to  have it. She uses the spellbinders and I HAVE to have them.

I just wish you fellow crafters would consider me when you're making the things YOU do, with the things you use. I am very impressionable....heee heeee.

Let's just hope I don't suck as badly after I use them....