Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not only is she smart but SHE's Fang-TASTIC

A Fang-tacular WINNER!

So if only you knew what the potentinal names of this hop! It was SO much fun working with these terrify-ic Ladies, they are all so talented and working with "my boss" Alyssa was a dream- thank you for hosting this FUN hop! There's people you just don't EVER want to part from and she's one of them. Her Talent, generosity, and kindness are so beyond her years. I can only imagine where she will be in 20 years!

So On to the winner of a $10.00 shopping spree!


She was one of the brainiacs that answered the questions correctly! So congratulations Theresa! email me at Svgsbybee @ gmail dot com with the files you pick out from Www.SvgsbyBee.com. Congratulations!

The Trendy Twine Winner is


Kasi has a great blog and I know she will put this to good use!

           Janie answered ALL of the questions first and correctly! She's already been paid off!
Brigit was another one that answered correctly too! She won on my Evil twins blog so she got an extra file:) She has a great blog too like Janie...so go check them both out!

Congratulations you crafty ladies!

Now for those that didn't google it (it took some time even with Google!) however the movie is
"On Borrowed Time" it was made in 1939, starred Lionel Barrymore as the grandfather. He catches death in a tree and death lives "where the woodbine twineth". Aunt Demetrious is the Pismire which in the meanest Ant to ever live. It's a great concept of a movie and was so funny and sad at the same time." The warped frustrated old man" is from another classic you'll recognize It's a wonderful Life.  I know- all black & white no special effects but some of the timeless movies that still influence some of the better movies of today.  Thank you everyone for visiting and having fun with us- here endeth the lesson.


(fyi-when I counted the numbers I removed- design team members and those that were on the hop with me)


  1. Oh yay!!!! Thanks so much!! Woohooooooooo!!!

  2. YAT..Thank you so much..it was a superfun hop!


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