Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring trees for my sister

I used the tree svg files from KLDezign blog  - I just love Google translate

There are a couple of cards that I'm just- not- SURE- if I'm seeing it the right other words, does this card blow? It took me about a week to figure out if I want to blog about this one. I was concerned about having things thrown at me again, like tomatoes, but then I had to remind myself, YOU CAN'T throw tomatoes at me- nanner nanner! My friends & readers are just to sweet for that. But thank goodness I have Muse's who've shown me that I HAVE to ink the edges when I combine patterns. So what do you think? Should I go back to my hidey hole under a rock? I'm still sending the card, because it's for my sister and she doesn't have the option to critique it, or I spill even more details of what she did when she was young to my niece and nephews. Does that make me bad? Don't answer that.

I love these little tree svg's! I love Google translate too, I found this great blog - she makes beautiful Svg's and some adorable projects. I remember thinking last year as I downloaded them- these aren't very me, but they're cute, but what the heck can I use them on? Luckily I've noticed all these owls, and simplistic forest type SVG sets, and voila, inspiration. Oh and a word to the wise, don't translate if you want to make a comment. 

The colors aren't ones that I myself like, but my sister loves these colors, I have to admit they are rather cool together. I used basic borders, and Lettering Delights elements from the "how tweet it is" and Delilah tags collection .

I again combined different SVG retailers, and When you have SCAL and these two fabulous SVG retailers you will have no limit to your creations. I just couldn't imagine being held to cartridges only, or one particular cutters menu of cuttables. Thank you to all these amazing retailers-I love you!


  1. Looks great Belinda, i absolutely love the colours and papers, fabulous card!!!

    No tomatoes here, only flowers...

    altho I think your blog has other ideas, the word verification says "suked" on it? LMAO!!! AWWW Sorry doll, you know it rocks, blogger just jealous of your love!!!

  2. Well I think this card totally ROCKS! <3 I can't believe you are questioning yourself on this one!!... I LOVE it! :-D
    I really love those colors together, and I love how you always layer all kind of stuff on top of each other and it looks great, I just don't know how to do that... I can also see someone has been using her nestabilities!!... :-P

  3. It is gorgeous Bee. You need to start selling these creations. You are SOOO talented. I read your blog :-) and I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. Love ya.

  4. I love this card and I love the colors on this one. I'm glad that you decided to share with us! I love the fact that you're combining all these retailers together and make them look good! It's too much hassle for me to even think about combining online with carts! Anyway, isn't Google translate great?

  5. Wow! Amazing card dear! I love seeing what others do with my files! (because I have to admit it... I don't use them! It's only for others! lol!)

    Anyway It's a stunning card!

    Kim @ KLDezign

  6. Bee - Fabulous!!! Love it and so will Dawn. It is so creative and STOP doubting your abilities - let the creativity flow girlfriend. I wanted to make her a card too, but man I think I will have to buy one now, dang! Oh I know can you make her one from me????? Just kidding! Love it, Love it, Love it!


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