Sunday, March 20, 2011

Same tree Different bird or 2nd Verse same as the 1st! A2 Cards for all Occassions- Daisy Frame

I was cutting these cute little trees at KLDezign blog  and I couldn't stop! They just looked so cute in any paper I cut them in...add the Stickles and I-rock jewels and it's just heaven. It gets even prettier if you have a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio.
The inside- I used MSWord to print out the greeting, and YES
that is a Delilah tag from LetteringDelights
One thing that really annoyed me is my new bottle of Crystal Lacquer (Love the stuff), doesn't have the teeny tiny nozzle that allows just a tiny strip. It really is a cool embossing liquid that keeps it's shape and highlights what you want highlighted, takes an eternity to dry but it is worth the wait.

I  hope my amazing Aunt likes the card. She's been such a sweet,hilarious, inspiring, and fun part of my life. She's now that to my children too. I think they are just so lucky to have her in their life, she comes to the plays, volunteers in their classes, watches them ride horses, let's them feed her chickens and horses, lets them get dirty and so happy in the process. She struggles on a moment to moment basis taking care of my Uncle who has Parkinson's disease. He is this enormous man that was so witty and fun to talk to, he loved cold coffee, naps,travelling, movies and more than anything, he loves my Aunt. He still tries to take care of us when we visit, and still clowns around. My Aunt is my hero in too many ways to count, a champion to the things that can't speak like our animals and our forests. She's an undiscovered artist, and always stood up for me when no one else did. I love you Linda, more than you'll ever know.


  1. totally awesome, I really love these a lot!!!

  2. What a Beautiful Post and Card! She is going to love it. Thanks for explaining what you used to make the card because I was looking at it and thought "how or what did she do to make it look shinning or sparkle" ~C

  3. Awwwww, such a sweet post! <3 :-D I LOVE the card, and I love how you always polish the inside too... :-)
    But I have to ask, 2 creative posts in 2 days, are you sick (and taking cold meds) or something? ;-) LOL

  4. Wow, I think that your amazing aunt is so lucky to have you! It's a beautiful card and so sure that she's going to love it! and I was just thinking the same as your evil twin - is everything okay?!?!? LOL!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your card! I had to chuckle because by chance I AM drinking pinot grigio. How funny! Your card would look fab without it though! Great layering and colors! You mentioned the stitching on my latest card, but that is the first time I remembered to try that! LOL

  6. They are gorgeous and love the one for your sis too!!!
    Lol here at your post blog funny!!!

    On that ever happy note i am off to bed now to chortle away.


  7. I have those tree SVGs too and wasn't sure how I would use them. You definitely gave them justice - I love the cards you made and the gems & glitter you used to dress them up. :)


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