Saturday, March 5, 2011

My! It's really expensive to suck, I have so many to blame.

I knew I could count on YOU. I just felt that I could share my new purchases with YOU and you would understand my need to buy more crap, errr aaaaaa, SUPPLIES and TOOLS.

I will blame other bloggers for this, because it's convenient to not take responsibility. This particular shopping excursion I will blame on that Pinky girl over at "Much Ado About Nothing", she had the I-Bond tool that made it look SO easy- I just had to buy it. Oh and she had pom pom trim, and I had to have that! As you know when you go on line and start looking at cr-supplies, you get sucked into more and more. Thus there is no explanation needed for the glittery and colored glue sticks, and all the other ribbons.

The "Spellbinders" I will so unselfishly blame my evil twin, Bee- at Dare2beecreative, She's responsible for ALOT of my mischievousness in the market place. I am blameless when I am subjected to her creations. She uses the Cuttlebug- I have to  have it. She uses the spellbinders and I HAVE to have them.

I just wish you fellow crafters would consider me when you're making the things YOU do, with the things you use. I am very impressionable....heee heeee.

Let's just hope I don't suck as badly after I use them....


  1. but you are so talented and you NEED those supplies to fulfill your talent...(hope that sounds good enough)...

  2. awesome stuff, and yep totally NEED them!!!

    Love the cordless glugun and the pom-pom trims, and everyone needs nesties in every size and shape!!!

  3. bwhahaha! You are so funny!!!!!!!

  4. LMAO! I know, right? Like, since when did I need a YourStory machine? I didn't think I did AT ALL but after seeing so many people talking about HSN's $19.95 deal (so many covers!) I was suddenly the proud new owner of a YourStory. WTH? I feel your pain, chica.

  5. Hahaha! Soon you will be thanking me for introducing you to Nestabilities! You'll see, you'll get addicted... It's a good thing I don't buy everything I drool on at Thienly's blog or I would get you in trouble too then!! hehe... :-)

  6. Hi! I totally understand. I actually kept all of my craft supply receipts from last year. It's actually really, really scary how much money I much that I am ashamed to say the amount ;)

  7. :/ well don't do that! You must hide the evidence!


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