Monday, March 14, 2011

Lettering Delights DOLLAR Days

I'll BUY that for a Dollar!

Lettering Delights is at it again! So click Here to have a look at the phenomenal savings and have a blast! I know I am...I'm going to shop tonight even though I should be rehearsing...but I'm just going to put it all in my shopping cart and then use the codes tomorrow to celebrate my impending failure! Shopping ALWAYS cheers me up!

Remember! Even if you don't have a cutter, a printer works fantastic for 95 percent of their other items...I love the Alphabets, doodlebats and graphics too.

Dollar Days starts March 15th. All fonts, doodlebats, graphics, clipart, alphabets, and paper packs will only be $1. SVG's will be $2. Mini albums will be $3. Early Bird savings from March 15-March 18th. Save 10% on $15 purchase or more with code: InBloom. Save 25% on $35 with code: BiggerBloom.

Dollar Days


  1. Awww, YEE-AH! I am SO ready. Since I am on the West Coast I am hoping the sale is up before I go to bed or I'll be shopping all day at work tomorrow-not good.

  2. Just found your blog from a link on svgcuts. I am your newest follower. Thanks for the info on this, will have to get some svgs.

  3. Woo hoo Welcome Jean, my low self esteem in getting better!


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