Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Lover!

So my evil twin found a site that will serve so many  needs in Japan, and as I explained to her, to me so I can flap my jaws, and give everyone, and I do mean everyone, who has a right to it...my opinion. 

In a previous post I talked about meeting my friend Thienly. Her entire family is amazing, as I've stated before. Her Mom Chisato made a purse for me, didn't know me but made a beautiful purse for me. Thienly & Chisato's family are from Japan, THEY are Japanese in direct origin. My neighbor is Japanese, I take my kids to Japanese Karate, what more motivation to help do I need? The truth is Thienly had me from hello. But what can we do from here is what I kept thinking that morning when I found out about the earthquake , then a tsunami, then now this Nuclear crisis!? The sad fact is nothing. There is nothing I can do. But my dollars can do alot. I've always felt it's better to give it directly, and there are branches of the Salvation Army ( I love those bellringers!) and the Red Cross in Japan already. So who better than those organizations and individuals that are over there already! The next one will be Habitat for Humanity and you guessed it they have a Japanese branch as well!

I realize that there are scummy people out there who are ready to take advantage of our kindness so I've checked it, and I hope you will too. Here is their facebook link  We add Up 

So go check out this site and get your racy red shirt and flap your jaws with me. 



  1. Hugs and love, you're the best. :-)
    I saw this morning that Cafepress has a lot of tees also for "japan relief". :-)

    (I love We add up because they are environmentalists)

  2. You TWO are the best! and Bee Burg - that means you and the other Bee! LOL! Thanks so much for your support and it's you guys that make a difference. I've tried putting mine in the cart, but for some reason, it comes up as unavailable to Canada... Hmmm... there are few other organizations that makes t-shirts and other stuff, and can get them here, so I'll take a look into it here!

    Bee, you are just too sweet to mention about us in your post again <3 I love your family and I think that we three were just meant to be friends :)


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