Saturday, March 12, 2011

The cold medicine made me do it!

I used SVGCUTS Cards for all occasions AND Lettering Delights - I think they compliment each other well.

Lettering Delights - Delilah Tags -
click on my link on the sidebar Lotus  card from their A2 Cards for All Occasions

The plague came again, and the plague won...but not with me! I took cold medicine and crafted. Which if you took that at face value you might think it was a good thing....until you actually looked at the over the top brightness of the papers I used. But I really only used the colors that were in the yellow based paper, I couldn't possibly come up with an original idea like this on my own. It didn't help that I was watching "Miss Potter"- which I have to tell you was the sweetest movie I've seen in a long time! I won't tell you which part I started laughing and crying at the same time, because I was SO happy...I was on cold meds OK?! Other than a sad incident in the  movie that had my daughter and I dripping big crocodile tears with quivering lips, it is wonderful for children to see. 

However, one thing that I would like to point out is how well the two SVG companies work together, don't you think? They really are top of the line in the SVG trades.

Oh and did you notice the new computer?..yep my scrubby bought me one! He complained that he would never see me now, but I said "Naaaa, I'll be able to do my THANG so much quicker!", That was a week ago, and I miss my husband so much....snicker snicker.

In case you need to know-  I used a little butterfly punch from ek success, my cuttlebug, and stickles because I have to!


  1. looking fabulous!

    Hope you keep that plague away!

  2. Wow - those are the cutest tags and cards! I must agree - the two company files totally do complement and adds so much to each! You did a great job in using the files together! I hope that you are doing better, and yay for your new computer! Dave is just too awesome - what a lucky girl, Bee :)

  3. Am I gonna get in trouble if I suggest you take cold meds more often??!... ;-P
    I LOVE your little number here and the bright colors, it rocks. :-D
    And yep I agree with you and Thienly, LD and SVGCuts it's like Romeo and Juliet... Lol ;-D

  4. Awesome work Bee! I love the colors and of course, the Stickles. While my mats were drying last night (gotta re-sticky them today) I just played with stamps and my Stickles were there too. Ugh, heard about MTC, bummer. I guess I have to be careful not to update versions! I cut the cutest boy out yesterday with MTC-check my blog later for the post.


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