Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm a banner waver - Oh yes I am!

My banner O'Birthday
(and a free svg files to boot)
Here is the banner pennants SVG from Lettering Delights (click on the badge at the bottom of this post) The letter "L" and "S" Hodgepodge, it is one of the freebies I received. I uploaded it to Picnik and worked some magiK. (Here's where I thank my Sister In-law CINDY for finding yet another thing for me to get obsessed with....Love you CindyLoohoo!

Because of the nature of the receivers of the little pennant banners, I didn't do fancy. I DID deem necessary the need for a two dimensional tag that laid over the top so I could put my little hodge podge letter center stage. So here is the link for the-> Tag SVG's <-that I made. You could easily make them a gift tag or even size them larger and make a card too!

I made these cute little pennants because my babies are getting older each year, and no matter how much I discourage them from doing so..they do it EVERY year! It seems like yesterday, they were brand new and so incredibly tiny, and now here they are embarrassing me every chance they get, still keeping me up at night, kicking at each other (in my belly they were auditioning for Cirque de Soleil), making me say things that I never thought I'd say like, "Don't EVER wash your face in the toilet bowl!",  "Please stop licking your sisters head Logan!", and "Do NOT put food in YOUR NOSE...EVER!". These are things you only say when your a parent, or one of the unlucky few that get sucked into a babysitting session. The fear of your child eating something "weird" morphs into the fear of them putting their fingers into weird things, stepping into weird things and basically, just being a weird thing.

So as I'm lamenting about birthdays, I cut and glue my worries away with my Cricut macheen, when financial stresses keep me awake at night I push and fold paper, to deal with growing ancient I make little things that I know will end up decorating the park lawn. 



  1. Wow this is great you did a nice job thanks for sharing!!!

  2. OH. MY!! How many little monsters do you plan on entertaining tomorrow??!... You deserve a medal! (and a cocktail!).... ;-)

  3. Those are super cute Treat Bags!!! Awesome Job Bee! (as usual)

    Love Ya

  4. Oh, how fun! Kids are going to love this! That is A LOT of kids that you`re expecting! Good luck - hope that all goes well :)

  5. lol, always love reading your posts about your family quirks!

    These pennants and gift bags are awesome!

    Such a great thing to be able to create for parties etc, love the new background collage, so cute!

  6. I have a little question... by chance could you explain how you printed in the middle of the svg out circles? tx.

  7. Yes Cindy..I didn't print in the middle of the svg (although you could if you used gel pens instead of the blade and then switch it to the blade and cut them out), I used my printer. But I first got a graphic alphabet from lettering delights, uploaded it to, then added certain clips of art, printed it out, then used my old circle punch from creative memories and glued it to the next hole size up. So yes it looks like I made magic on my cricut but it's really me just cutting corners.

  8. ooh sneaking but ooh so smart. Thanks for breaking it done for the dunce. ;)


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