Saturday, November 20, 2010

My baby girl playing with the video camera

THE advent calendar from

The first of my advent calendars
This is the advent calendar that probably earned me a bad mention in heaven. I got a little frustrated but I MADE IT OUT ALIVE. Now prayer for me peeps, I'm going to need it for the  second one.
You can buy the file for a ridiculously low price at  in the Christmas section.

The 2nd Stocking for Y'all and me and them and those

The 2nd Christmas Stocking for you 
Download 2nd Christmas Stocking SVG

So YES! This took me A LONG time to figure out how to get the "swirly" Swirls to cut out without destroying the paper! Apparently my Cricut doesn't want to help me get my bling on with fancy schmancy swirls of different shapes and sizes, hmpphh! So I used inkscape to change my girly swirlys to a more Cricut manageable size. ( I told my hubby that I probably wouldn't have a problem with the new Cricut that doesn't need a cutting mat- Hint hint. I'm still trying to recover my buttocks after it was lazered off with his gaze O' Scrooge, that said "Oh no UDi' Int just say you wanted to spend MORE $ on something that doesn't make any money"). Also I have been working on the advent calendar that I threatened everyone with. It is beautiful I have to admit and my daughter was just itching to get her little fingers on! But I have to say that I said some very unholy things to it as I was trying to get the back on and it kept popping of. One would almost think that I didn't read the directions and size the boxes correctly...and one would be right.

So I hope you enjoy this little stocking, I really do love it, and this was EASY to put together. I used some Bazzil paper, the printed paper is from a paper stack that I picked up at
Tuesday Morning for 5.99 for 50 sheets (don't you love that!?) my I-rock tool, cuttlebug, stickles and popdots because I'm the boss of me.

You'll notice that you will go to Google docs for it. (click on the link in the caption under the photo above) It's fairly new to me so let me know if you have any trouble. I hope you'll appreciate the lack of nonsense advertising, I certainly feel happier that you don't have to be bombarded by it all.

In case I don't get the another blog out before Hanukkah, know that I wish you all a beautiful Holiday of lights, family, and faith. Oh and those amazing potato pancakes with lots of applesauce, eat some for me!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

In a craft room Far Far Away.

My brain is Far Far Away

This is  a card that I made for a little friend of ours, his nickname is NayNay, he's a little trooper that loves Star Wars. Not only did I make this card for him I spent at least TWO hours in Chuck E. Cheese's, ON a SUNDAY AFTERNOON,  for his birthday party. For those of you who are lucky enough to not be familiar with it -it is to children a melodious and fantastical journey through a  token popping heaven! To adults, I  liken it to a  arduous journey that smells of kid farts and pizza with  fingernails on a chalkboard while we wallow in a petri dish in hell. One day he'll realize how much I love him.

 The real interesting thing, is that it took me over a day to make it! I made one and got so annoyed I ripped it up and then this one actually took me about 1 hour.  Okay - so maybe I need to focus on a layout first then start cutting! (To my defense I had pink eye and the Santa Ana's were blowing-So Cali's can relate to how the Santa Ana's mess with your brain). I plan on making the advent calendars from tomorrow. I plan with a plan. Celeste at inspired me, she does some lovely cards for our soldiers, and has a heart of gold, please go visit her site and see for yourself. I will, of course, take pictures of my destruction- I mean my project when I'm done, you know to share and horrify Y'all!

I used the dingbat font "Galaxy Far Far Away" from in Scal. And Stickles and pop dots just because I could.(Plus Thienly likes popdots so I like to make her happy!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My crafty workspace/girly space/movie viewing area/laundry room.

This is my craft area, granted its clean now, in a few short hours, there will be paper everywhere, and laundry.

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My crafty workspace/girly space/movie viewing area/laundry room.

This is my craft area, granted its clean now, in a few short hours, there will be paper everywhere, and laundry.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Believe the Christmas Crazy shall begin NOW

Bee's 1st Christmas Stocking
click -> HERE 1st STOCKING for the link

And Let the Christmas Crazy Begin.....

Why yes! It has been a very long time since I had anything REAL to offer you. I have excellent reasons - 1. I've been sick, and all you Mommies know that when you're sick you don't get to go to bed and recuperate! YOU get to continue doing the same things that always must be done. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, teacher (although we all know that it is not limited to "MOM! It hurts when I do this!" Mom sighs "well then don't do THAT!" and "sharpies are not face paint", stuff like that) boxing ring referee, and basically THE fault for pretty much anything that goes wrong. We are an amazing bunch, I must say, we work when it's cold, when it's hot, when WE ARE cold, and when WE ARE hot. We don't get paid a monetary sum, but what we do get is love from a lovable, sticky, toothless, dirt under their fingernails petri dish of a child. Oh and the fault stuff is something we can handle too, because we're Moms, can I get a Amen?! 2. I just haven't been feeling crafty. I felt busy and tried to fit all my morning necessities in a sandwich bag for the flight to see my nephew graduate from basic training in the U.S. Coast Guard, in Cape May, New Jersey (which by the way if you don't know IS BEAUTIFUL. We stayed in Somer's Point, New Jersey  and loved it!). I am so very proud of the US's new Guardian.

Ok I do realize I've jumped over Thanksgiving, but for me it's all the same "Season", it's all about being grateful of all that we possess, Health, happiness, love, a safe place to call home, underwear that don't ride up, the cold sweat when you realize we have less than 2 months to get all of our Christmas shopping done (think about it- we're lucky to have people that we want to buy a gift for), a good stash of chocolate that no one knows about, and of course having that fresh clean feeling....TMI. Anyways where was I?  I LOVE Christmas and everything about it, the lights, the smells, the warmth, the cold (which as I write this I long for since it's 95 freaking degrees outside!), the chocolate, peppermints, cookies, the music, etc. And even if you don't celebrate it, you know that feeling, and I wish you the warmth of it all.

I do hope you enjoy the stocking, it was really easy to put together. I used my beloved Stickles, and some darling DCWV Glittery Christmas stack, some lovely Bazzill card stock, and pop dots up the ying yang. Oh and save those little cut out stars and use them on you top of the stocking.  
The finished stocking, it's about 9" tall. Make sure your mat is really sticky,  so the stars don't lift.

My nephew Kasey and I.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming Soon!

Sorry for the lousy quality but it's late but it's COMING!
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