Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tin, Talking Girl, Glue and procrastination.

We're off for a quick vacation tomorrow so I thought I would share what I made instead packing and preparing....I'm sure you understand how awful I feel.
As I was trying to figure this stuff out, the talking girl came in and HAD to sit on my lap, and yes I know how surprising this is, and TALK.

So I had these ordinary tins that the Talking GIRL gave me to show her love....and a while back I went to a fundraiser scrapday and a CM consultant showed us how to make a purse using an altoid mint tin. So I thought I would try my hand at it. The first took a long time, and I wasn't so pleased with the results, but the second I really like...and the BOY child is already utilizing it. 

Have a great week and I will do my best to share pictures of our adventure to the Coastal Redwoods. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bag for my BFF


I just wanted to show you all a gift bag I made for my bff in Hawaii.
The bag and the hibiscus (are a free wingding font),  from Scrapping Table , it was one of the sets that she used to let you download for free, now she offers a subscription to her scut files. The tag is a freebie from it was part of a gift with a purchase around Mother's day. The paper was something that I had difficulty incorporating for some odd reason, I have problem with lines, go figure!

While I was resizing it, I deleted the holes on top and just used my crop-a-dile to punch holes and use eyelets. To fold it, I used my fiskar cutter but changed the blade to the dull scoring type, and it worked great giving me a nice clean line to fold. (I know it takes me a while to catch on).

 I just love these colors- it makes me think of summer! (sobbing) And flowers...and the ocean.....and snorkeling...and my bestfriend....and Hawaii....and macadamia nuts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


 My layout that I embellished with my "Zoo Crew" freebie from I used FiberScraps TintZ in Moss  to give it a little weathered look, (There's a close up below of Zoo Crew).  

The bear was part of a kit of zoo animals from I used a little tan and white chalk to pop it just a tad, since the layout was slightly dark. I used alot of brown on this layout...well because theirs seems to be alot of brown at zoo's on the animals and ON the ground. But just a little juicy bit of news that these bears are at the San Francisco Zoo (which is incredible) and THEY are the ones that had a pyscho man scale the enclosure wall, and to their credit just stared at him.

 Here's my take on what they were thinking...Bear 1- "What the hell is THIS moron doing? Can't he giggle or make roaring noises like the rest of those ridiculous people?" Bear 2- "I think the dude either smoked or drank his breakfast this morning...ooh look lettuce in the lake! Darn I hate romaine, I know I know romaine is better for you but I just like to hear the crunchy sound of iceberg..."  Bear 1 - "You know..... I really think he's going to jump in here! Maybe they could put some of what he had in the water...sure would make the day eh?......He's IN!"  Bear 2- "Now what the hell do we do?! If we eat him they're going to change our house like they did the Tiger...he's still complaining about that!"  Bear 1- "I say we eat him...let's just find some munchies for after, because he's higher than a kite and we all know what will happen after..heee heee" Bear 2-"Good Idea, just don't wig out like the last time and hide in the cave because people are LOOKING at you!" Bear 1  "Oh Dammit they're coming for him...yaahhh yahhhh you scare me meatsicle, you scare me!" Bear 2- "I swear he just peed in our lake! Can't you smell it?! O MAN!".

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3 & Away We Go

This is a KIDS MOVIE
We had one day this week with Dave, he has to work all weekend which includes Father's Day. Besides all the chores, we had a little time to grab a movie with the kids.

 We chose Toy Story 3, mostly because the whining stopped as soon as Dave announced we might go...well if the whining stopped. I wasn't disappointed in the least, but I would warn that the little boy(not mine) who sat next to me, I think about 3, was bothered by a few scenes. All that aside it's darling and all I could think about was how hard it's going to be to get the TALKING girl to get rid of her toys now.

This is a Grown UP movie
A surprising movie came in my Netflix envelope...."Away We Go", with a phenom cast- it made me laugh hysterically, then managed to make me weepy at the saddest pole dancing scene ever. 

With "The Office" co-star John Krasinski and SNL's Maya Rudolph as the leads, they both exhibit a understated way of performing but are capable of putting you in stitches...evidence- one of the most eyebrow raising opening scenes I HAVE ever seen.  There are plenty of WELL known actors in this, and some of my favorites are Allison Janney, Jim Gaffigan, Catherine O'Hara, and for my favorite character that we will laugh about later, because WE ALL know her, Maggie Gyllenhaal. Well I think we know all these people in some form....I'm praying I'm not Allison but with my luck....partially. This was funny and heartwarming, and I hope you watch it. If you do let me know I really want to hear your opinions.

Monday, June 14, 2010

"I was talking & I couldn't shut up"

The Talking Girl

Since school saw fit to end,  they made me take my children back for the entire day.....for close to 3 months!

I just thought I would let the school system know that my daughter HASN'T stopped talking since June 4th. She's talked to me, to her brother, to the fish, to the dog, her doll, paper and anyone or anything within a 5 foot radius of her. Nothing and no one is safe. 

Today when I woke up she guessed it-talking. As I poured a cup of coffee, talking talking talking....she was talking as I let the dog out, she was still talking when I came back in (she didn't stop), I've said this before but I am physically unable to converse with people before my cup of coffee,(in fact I believe there's a law that SHE is breaking when she asks me questions so early! I'm going to tell on her if she keeps it up.)  so as not to make her feel bad I hum a little bit, I've gotten pretty good to where it sounds like words but it doesn't cause a spike in my brainwaves so I can continue to function at MY level.

When I finally sat down and adjusted my lovely warm squishy heat pack on my L4/L5 area, I know it's hard to imagine but she was TALKING, and some word in her long running sentence stuck out. "What did you say?"  She looked at me and couldn't speak....complete silence, then, "I was talking to myself, and asking myself about...what was I talking about? I get crazy sometimes Mom! You know that I forget what I was asking myself!" with that she drained her milk and skipped away.

Do you see what I have to deal with? The trips down the rabbit hole are going to kill me, and it's the State of California's fault for cutting the budget to our schools. "They" are responsible for this.

Here endeth the lesson (ooooo wait there's no lesson because the Terminator took all the money away and I have to deal with the crazy lilliputians all day LONG).
I really do love listening to my girl, it's like background music....really.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My back went out so I was kind of down for the count, until the good doctor Story could get me into the game again, so I found that it was less stressful for me to deal with this by playing with all my stuff and my SCAL. I was quite happy chatting with "Vicky" (Vicoden), listening to Pandora, and making stuff. I know perhaps Vicky led me in the wrong direction with colors but it's for my friend Sandee and since she doesn't scrap, she loves me,  she won't have a clue that I could've made a better choice for the background color. I, of course, had to use my crystal lacquer for my dots.

I then had to do a few more thank you's but this took me much less time (I KNOW with Vicky yackin' with me too!), I did NOT use the XYRON  machine again....that took forever to peel it fom the backing from the svg cut, it was just too intricate! This time I used my mounting tape in the corners and the good ole ZIG squeeze & roll. 
Another thing about my Cricut that I learned, is that a ordinary babywipe gets all the tiny paper remnants off the cutting mat, and restores quite a bit of the tackiness. It seems so wasteful to get rid of them so fast PLUS since MICHAEL'S has such the crappy attitude and don't want to carry the 12 X 12 cutting mats.(This is another reason to shop at your local independent scrap/craft store. These large companies just couldn't give a crap if they carry what you really need, once they run all the competition out of town).

I have to tell you how much the sweet comments mean to me, plus the fact that some of my hero's are "following me", Thank you so much. Besides the therapy of it all,  I found some really crackalackin' chicks to inspire me, share their stories, and listen to my lamentations! Love you all and thank you for "gettin' me"! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

His Diamonds

He came in with his eyes wide and blinking, as one does when witnessing something mind boggling, walking with long careful strides, cradling something as if it was a baby bird. His voice high and loud with excitement, he began to tell me, "MOM! I found these outside, they look like treasure! Aren't they beautiful?", he carefully set it on the table to inspect it thoroughly. He inspected it for a long time - 30 seconds - we all know this is a long time for a boy to be still. He finally looked up and said "they're like diamonds, can you take a picture of them?" 
Sure little man. 
Behold  Logan's diamonds, the morning gift from God. 
My prayer is that he always can find the diamonds in dew. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is WHY

This is WHY I don't make cards.....I made a total of 8 Thank you cards and  1 Birthday card. It took me almost 2 weeks. I am a bad example for a papercrafter, but I sure did love doing it. I cannot begin to tell you the satisfaction of seeing that lovely Cricut blade cutting my creation after I watched tutorial, created my "work of art" -gag choke cough-The process took about 20 minutes, it's the stopping to chase the dog away from the kitchen table, clean up the flooded bathroom, clean up pee, chase the dog away from the children eating their food, pick up the crayons that someone slipped on, fix the dvd player that a certain BOY child used as a step stool, get a ice pack for the injured child, laundry, dishes, clean up some more pee, etc, you get the idea.

(I used  oh SO helpful videos on "paths", to help me put these together. The Thank you is from their blog- a freebie! The card itself and the design elements are from A2 cards for all occasions. The "Happy Birthday" is from their Birthday elements collection.) I do realize, and I apologize to SVGcuts in advance, that I'm not the best crafter, but I can say that scrapbooking and using this program SCAL with these files is one of the calmest moments in my life, and that my friends, and motha's from the Hood-Motherhood that is- is PRICELESS.

 This SVG store  usually offers free svg files several times in the week from their blog, go to to see their amazing files that make a moronic bonehead such as myself look a little less "boneheady".