Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phobia List
Entertain yourself for hours 

I just found a list of phobia's and that is some funny stuff!

I know this makes me the cruelest person in the world, but I laughed my butt off(only if it was that easy), and I'm almost positive I'm going to hell for my cruel nature. 

Please forgive me Jesus, amen.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cirque Du Freak The Vampire's Assistant

Director Paul Weitz

Now I confess I'm not the most critical movie watcher, in fact I'm happy as long as I'm not making food, doing laundry, picking up things from the ground, making more food, picking up more things from the ground, you get the picture..But I'm really happy watching movies because that usually includes eating popcorn, chocolate and sitting,(Sitting is underrated until you have children, laying down is downright luxurious after you have those little people).

This movie I was leery about, you see, to me vampires are supposed to be HOT, not John C. Reilly. Now I'm sorry to objectify but boys sorry! Deal- we have) Yes he's a great actor and I'm sure he has a lovely heart, but that wasn't what I was looking for at that moment. It had some fantastic supporting cast Jane Krakowski, Ken Watanabe, & Orlando Jones to name a few but sadly they couldn't pull it back into the category of "does it for me".  

So all I can say is Don't. Wait for cable...

Friday, April 9, 2010

"New in Town"

"New In Town"

Directed by Jonas Ehmer
Written by Ken Rance & C.J. Cox

I received this movie a week ago and was a luke warm about watching it, I just wasn't in the mood for romantic comedy...don't get me wrong, I adore Renee Zellweger, and Harry Connick, Jr. even more, but I get a little annoyed with the Botox abuse that Renee has committed lately...that aside I plopped down before 9:00 pm and I put aside my irritation of non-committal facial expressions and did my best to detect the appropriate emotion, and was INSTANTLY happy when I saw 3 women scrapbooking! Chatting(gossiping & solving the problems of the world), eating and playing with all things scrapbooking! When what to my joyful eyes did appear but fav supporting actors Siobhan Frances,(MIB,Baby Mama), scrapbooking, poking her embellishment here and there trying to find the perfect set up...I was in heaven or was it Minnesota?

Actually, it was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is a province in  Canada where the temps plummeted to -57 below 0, for much of the filming of this movie, dontcha know? (NOW don't my California weenie friends feel like wimps?). I got those tidbits from the special features. I heard angels sing when I spied a little title called "The folkart of scrapbooking". The writer of the movie, Ken Rance, has a wife that scrapbooks, and he included that in his story. The quasi documentary on scrapbooking goes into several stories of fellow scrapbookers, which will make any papercrafter tear up with shared emotion. 

Anyhoo, needless to say it got me hook, line, and sinker....even more so when I saw another under appreciated actor by the name of JK Simmons,(Juno & Spiderman, to name a few). 

It was a sweet movie, with a absolutely asthma inducing sweater/standing at attention scene, that all of us women folk can "feel". A moderate amount of cursing but no "f" bomb, NO nudity, no violence. The ending on the milk crate...I thought was a bit over done between the main characters (I just don't go for the over the top gushy stuff), and a ending that I wish happened more often. 

So my fellow scrapbookers, card makers, paper crafters and even those that don't do any of these "Folk Arts", eh hem, give this one a turn you'll love it.

Here endeth THAT lesson.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The curse of the multi tasker.....

When not to multi-task...

I know it's time to get my ever increasing behind to the gym after I've done my obligatory 2 loads of laundry, clean up of the school morning frenzy mess, chase after the dog, check facebook and other time wasters such as this. I begin to commence the routine of getting myself to an acceptable appearance level, part of which is my attitude which is severely altered if I don't have my breakfast, and as with any person in their forties I take a boatload of vitamins to ward off death and pain.

 So this particular morning I had my handful of cholesterol reducing almonds sitting on the counter, I had the bright idea of setting my glucosamine supplements next to my nuts as I started to pour my milk, eat my fruit and yogurt and inspect unknown food fragments from my counter, I reached over to shove some more nuts in my mouth and chewed happily away with much enthusiasm. A split second later I realized that now was not the time to multi task. After much gagging, sobbing, and cussing I realized what I, in all my infinite wisdom had done. I am a  victim of my own rule, I have the photographic evidence below...(just to remind you is to take a picture of the stupid).

You'll notice my almonds on the right, and the evil supplements masquerading as almonds, on the left. There is a reason why supplements are coated with the mystery shell...

So here is the lesson, don't multi task while eating, here are the endeth the lesson.