Saturday, November 20, 2010

My baby girl playing with the video camera


  1. OMG - your girl is sooo adorable! She did a great job on video and loved her narration. It sounds like she's totally into crafting like you are! It was cool to see the projects on video, and was also fun to see your crafting space! You guys are totally cute - I need her to video my stuff, too!

  2. lol, so cute, what a chip off the old block!


    I want one lol. and now I want a cricuit, darn you! lol,

  3. thank you everyone, she's turning into a clepto crafter - she's swiping all my tools! Annmaree you'll never regret getting a cricut. Check on ebay, and definately look at the other cutters got to the forums like and see which cutters fit your needs. SCAL does need a computer to cut directly but there are others that work with a usbgig stick. Buy the one that fits your style.

  4. Hey Belinda! I have a blog award for you so feel free to visit my blog and pick it up!! Cute video too!


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