Sunday, November 14, 2010

In a craft room Far Far Away.

My brain is Far Far Away

This is  a card that I made for a little friend of ours, his nickname is NayNay, he's a little trooper that loves Star Wars. Not only did I make this card for him I spent at least TWO hours in Chuck E. Cheese's, ON a SUNDAY AFTERNOON,  for his birthday party. For those of you who are lucky enough to not be familiar with it -it is to children a melodious and fantastical journey through a  token popping heaven! To adults, I  liken it to a  arduous journey that smells of kid farts and pizza with  fingernails on a chalkboard while we wallow in a petri dish in hell. One day he'll realize how much I love him.

 The real interesting thing, is that it took me over a day to make it! I made one and got so annoyed I ripped it up and then this one actually took me about 1 hour.  Okay - so maybe I need to focus on a layout first then start cutting! (To my defense I had pink eye and the Santa Ana's were blowing-So Cali's can relate to how the Santa Ana's mess with your brain). I plan on making the advent calendars from tomorrow. I plan with a plan. Celeste at inspired me, she does some lovely cards for our soldiers, and has a heart of gold, please go visit her site and see for yourself. I will, of course, take pictures of my destruction- I mean my project when I'm done, you know to share and horrify Y'all!

I used the dingbat font "Galaxy Far Far Away" from in Scal. And Stickles and pop dots just because I could.(Plus Thienly likes popdots so I like to make her happy!)


  1. These are fun!

    I hear a lot about Chucky Cheese on American movies/tv, always had me wondering LOL

  2. Great card....I love it... Girl I know your Advent Calendar will turn out wonderful....

  3. POP DOTS - yes, I love them and you made me very happy! I love that card - very fun, and I think you did great with the layout!

    I can't wait to see your advent calendar! and yes, I share the same feeling about Chuck E Cheese...

  4. Love the card and the description of The Rat's Lair. Sadly, we stayed later than you did... :>)

  5. Thank you - No I just have one blog - I don't know why that happens. I think when I first set up my blog I didn't know what I was doing and I did something wrong sorry about that.

  6. Great card!! I love! How is it that kids recognize the Chuck E. Cheese's sign before they can even read? It is an evil empire, I tell you.


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