Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Great Horned Monster

After you stop giggling, after you get your mind out of the gutter, you'll see It's actually cute. It is HORNED, yes. It doesn't eat small children,or cute fuzzy animals, in fact IT is quite patient with those sticky little things. IT does eat reality TV personality's, bimbos and himbos (want to know something hilarious that I got a spelling error for himbo but NOT for bimbo), that have had plastic surgery that gives them the appearance of a bullfrog in the lip area, cannot move their eyebrows, cannot close their eyes and/or cannot sink. (You know there just seems to be alot of these supposedly "real" ones around on tv lately, which is hilarious because other than the fact that they are REAL MORONS, there isn't anything real about them). It sometimes will go after door to door magazine salespeople, you know the ones...the salespeople that don't see the NO SOLICITING sign, I can't tell you why.

I got a BUNCH of cuttlebug folders for a ridiculous sale price at, many of these are just perfect for monster skin and I was itching to use them. I used my stickles for accents. I used my ooeeygooey SVG as an accent on the card below. I also used a watermark inkpad to get the translucent monsters as backgrounds,    many of which came from Stampin Up.

I do apologize that it took me so long to post this, I have been feeling a little out of it and overwhelmed by life in general, the economy, my family, my children and their schooling, worrying that they are adjusting well,  at the education level that they should know MOM stuff.

I am posting the link to a image file that will allow one to print and cut out, this is for those that don't own a cutting machine, (I know they're out there, and I know after a while you'll jump on  my boat...if not a Cricut, but the E-craft machine, Silhouette, etc.) but please let me know how these work out for you, and what would make them work for you....REALLY.

The image below is from a card that I made for a sweet little boy that loves monsters and Halloween. It shows the variations in what I did with the cut pieces, to get the One of a Kind idea going. I am also going to be doing some of these in kits for my sons class for a Halloween craft, I will just add a Popsicle stick to attach to It's backside......(giggling). Click on the caption under the picture of the Monster for your SVG link.


  1. reminds me of a song we used to sing in kindergarten...

    "one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater"

    Seriously you NEED to checkout that song, totally reminds me of that!!!

  2. Oh, you are getting creative with these monsters! This is the best one yet! And I love all the embossing that you did with them! And, how cute is that card! Love it!

  3. Sooooo cute thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Very cute. The embossing looks great too. Great to see you are now having fun with Inkscape.

  5. i think they are adorABLE! stinkin cute! like you :)

  6. So cute! Really good to "see" you on the Paper Dolls blog. (I just love that site :)


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