Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seven days and a Spiky Monster

Seven Days does not a week make

"Seven days does not a week make"....heard this before have you? I have too, this week hammered that statement on my body and brain, over and over. This week seemed so very long and I was DONE with it within the first two days.

My husband , is a firefighter, for LA County Fire Department. There was a fire near Sequoia National Park. The name or location isn't important so much as the terrain, which was mountainous and covered with brush from our wonderfully wet winter. The more brush, the more fire. The more fire, the longer he is gone, and I'm dealing with the first REAL week of homework, (after almost 3 months without any..can you imagine the whining?!) without any back up. My Chiropractor had minor surgery, so he was out of commission, and of course my back decided to follow his lead, my back then encourages my left leg to foster it's desire to practice Celtic dance- on it's own about 2:00 or 3:00 am accompanied by leg cramping after it's exertions.  The children decided since Dad wasn't home, the threat of "When your Father comes home...blah blah blah" didn't carry the weight of fear it usually does. 

So I was the single parent...which I've never wanted to be (I have the ULTIMATE respect for all those individuals who do are single parents and manage to raise lovely human beings. My hat is off to you ladies and gents...God bless you and your strength!) Now where was I....Oh yeah I was whining about me...Now Each of these occurrences,by themselves aren't any big thing, but combine them all in the same painful week, you get one spiky  monster,  such as the little one above. This monster is spiky and disheveled but it has a lovely friend who allows me to lament and she invited me and my monsters over for dinner, she even recited a Beatles song to me on Facebook, to remind me that I wasn't alone. I love you Lisa!

Download the file here->   Spiky Fuzzy Monster SVG 

 And on Friday my Brown firefighter came home in one piece, safe and sound, where he belongs. And for that I and my little monsters are extremely thankful. 

God bless you all and here endeth the lesson.

Here are some pictures of my little monster holding a GIRL monster...she made me specify GIRL!


  1. Love ya, too, Bee! I don't know how you found time to make monsters with a week like you had. It came out super cute!

  2. (ssshhh don't tell anyone but I do them a couple weeks before I actually post the blog. To cut them and assemble them takes a few minutes...xoxo)

  3. Love all your monsters, and sorry you had a crappy week! You really need to move to Florida! Way less wild fires and you can come over and whine all your heart content and I'll make you tea (or margaritas if that's more like your thing, LOL) :-D

    Love the new look of the blog too. :-D

  4. Lots of love and respect to your hubby for what he does! and also to you for what you do as well, being a mum is the hardest job in the world, I know I wouldnt handle it well... one scream from a neice or nephew and I'm ready to give it back lmao...

    LOVE the monsters, especially the girly one, so fun!!!

  5. so glad to hear you hubby is home safe!

  6. Oh, you are such a wonderful mom, Bee! and no, you can't move to Florida - you need to move north up to Calgary, Canada! We'll watch movies, do crafts, and play with that Photofunia thing! and I'll even make you a drink!
    Welcome home hubby, and hope that you had more of a relaxing day today.
    BTW - I love all these monsters you're doing! So fun!


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