Sunday, July 18, 2010

My very first SVG! And it's Free for you to download....

Coastal Redwood Tree SVG

So I have a habit of becoming a tad bit obsessive about "my things". Lately I can't seem to get enough SCAL time, and this recent event was no exception. I watched the video SvgCuts posted on their website that explained the feature "trace image". So I went on a quest to find .Jpg's with the right look for "tracing". What I looked for are essentially silhouettes of some of the magnificent trees that we saw on our roadtrip up to the Coastal Redwoods.(FYI- My favorite place was Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, and the Newton B Drury Scenic parkway & driveFern Canyon Trail, seriously Heaven on Earth) I thought the large trees were probably more SVG worthy than the toilet we saw decorating the lawn of those "resourceful and creative" people. Nor would I even think of Tracing Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe in all his "bullish" glory....well maybe...another time I will share "love".

Now I have to say my dear daughter did the chalking....she was a little obsessed (go figure) chalking it to make it look "sunshin-eeee" on one side. Of course the sun would have to be coming from the soil but hey who's going to tell her the gas ball is in the SKY, in the AIR! I'm not showing my worry about her IQ, am I?

Anyhoo- here they are! My free Coastal redwood trees. All I ask if you download them is for ALL the credit, yes even for your talented layout (because let's face it- I suck and need all the encouragement I can squeeze out of people), 90% of all your profits from the said Redwood SVG, a itsy bitty vile of your blood and a smidgen of you cranium hair (NOTICE I said Cranium) and don't ask me why I need that, and for you to give all your descendants my name for a middle name. I think that should just about do it. (Seriously all I ask is that you send me a picture, or comment on my blog about how fabulous "it" or I am).

REVISED 9-19-10  Download the SVG here or click on the caption under the pictures above for you SVG link. ->Redwood Tree SVG  this has all four layers, just open your layer window in SCAL, click the arrow, and rename your layers if you'd like. Let me know how they come out!

I'm leaving these different files just in case...
Redwood top        Redwood top base      Redwood trunk upper     Redwoodtrunk base

Oh until I can figure out how to attach these files directly to the blog, you'll have to do it one at a time. If you need more help just send me an email....via my profile.

this was my first venture into file sharing so PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know of an easier way or if it doesn't work.


  1. Congratulations on your first SVG! I think that it came out great! and I like your writing style! I have yet to try making my own SVG! Great work.

  2. I think this is awesome, you did amazing for your first time!

    Theres no way I could do that!

  3. Annmaree,
    OH YES you's a matter of finding the right picture to import. The program does the rest...besides with your talent it would be a cakewalk baby :o)

  4. I am going to check this out Bee because the tree is so stinkin' cute. But I don't know if this will work for me because I don't do scrappin' at home and I don't have a laptop. I will check it out though. You are such a techie and I am so NOT! I don't enjoy being on the computer since I have to run my business on it. Computer isn't fun for me! :-)

  5. Oh my! I am in awe! :-D This is out of my field for sure. I tried altering the shape of existing svg and it was pretty much a disaster! LOL
    I think I am pretty much DONE when it comes to kids, so the middle name thing won't do but I can send you cranium hair when I finally make the card I promised you months ago! LOL... ;-)

  6. Beautiful trees! Love me some redwoods! I found your comment :)! I was a little confused about which camera strap you chose as your final. But I am guessing you will change your mind again with all the reasoning going on in your "cranium". I like your reasoning for going with a more camoflauged thinking!

  7. THis is a very pretty tree! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. WOW thank you so VERY much xxxxxxx

  9. Are you able to relink the files? I think that the link is broken to the SVG


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