Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly, the kids in Ms.Moore's Kindgergarten class are given the challenge of finding a picture of something that begins with the letter of the week. In this particular week it was the the letter Q, and my boy decided on finding a "quilt". "Great idea!" so I had him a "family fun" magazine and some safety scissors and away he tore thru the magazine to find that quilt. Being perpetually up to my elbows in dishes, laundry, toy retrieval from the dogs mouth, and various other day to day emergencies, I was engrossed in my work. I heard my boy exclaim, "here's a quilt Mommy!", Great I say as I walk to see his work. To my amused horror I saw what he deemed a quilt. Here is a quilt the way Lo sees it....."mommy why are you laughing?" 
 took me a long time to convince him that this wasn't what Ms.Moore meant, and that this really isn't a quilt. After many questions from my 6 year old boy, that I really had no answers for.... he finally believed me that he needed to find another picture.Whew! Next!

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