Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Knot

So, I'm in the bathroom, doing what people do when they're in the bathroom, praying for a few moments without questions...such as 
"Mommy Can I have a pony?" 
 "NO you many not have a pony." tears from the wee one 
"But you said I could have a Pony!" 
"I've never said you could have a pony!"(sob sob sniffle)....Can I have a donut?"
"Yes after you finish your breakfast.."
tears again and a general look of injustice "But you said I could have a donut!" You get the general idea of how our question and answer sessions go.
As I was saying, I was resting in the bathroom..why there, you ask? Because it's the only room in the house that has a lock, because we've had children locked in there rooms before and had to use an ax handle to get in. That is something I will go into at a later date. 
Where was I....oh! So I'm sleeping in the bathroom, when Logan comes to the door and tries to put his eye at the bottom of the door,  because you see as he see's it,  I hear better when he can see me. So I'm looking at his hair and his ear, he's crying "Mommy! Shelby's stuck!"
"How is she stuck Lo?"
"I don't know!"
"Shelby, what happened?" I ask.
"My pretty scarf is stuck together, and I'm dying!"
"Can you breath, Shelby?"
"Yes" she cries.
"I'll be there in a moment"
So after realizing that my peaceful ME moment is gone, I go to inspect the sticking scarf and my child in her death throes. Here is what I found.

My close friends all understand that Shelby likes knots, she loves to tie her dolls together, and shoelaces tied together is her favorite sneaky act. And here is evidence of her skills.

If your wondering how I got the picture, it's really very simple. My rule on my island is "when thou hast done a stupid act, Mommy takes photographic evidence of the aforementioned stupidity." I even have video!

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