Sunday, February 7, 2010

He's not ready to be left alone especially with permanent markers

"DON'T tell HER! NOOOOOO Don't tell HER!" I heard him screaming at his twin sister....."Oh for Pete's sake! What is it NOW?!" I asked, seriously why do I expect them to behave for 60 seconds? that's just too much to ask for....isn't it? His sister marches up to me as HE runs and hides behind the rocking chair, his hand covering the lower portion of his face.....My smart boy hasn't quite figured out how that his concealment efforts usually don't work so well with me and he needs to come up with another way. "I'm not going to tell....but Mommy he feels really bad".

"Move your hand son...move your hand.....move your hand......I won't be mad...but you have to move your hand" I plead, I'm actually already laughing....inside inside.

And the evidence of what I found is in the above picture.....'nuf said.


  1. LOL! I have a few pics of my son where he is dark green, you would think he tried to be the hulk for Halloween!...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a link for the svgfiles site! :-D

  2. You are welcome...I hope you enjoy browsing their site as much as I did....Let me know which ones you get and how you use them.. ;o)


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