Friday, February 19, 2010

"Frankyln" My moment away movie

Sometimes in my moments away....

I have a room in my house, in the back, with a little tv/dvd player where I watch ADULT movies. 
No! Not the kind with some overinflated bimbo and a man that resembles a overly endowed TROLL that ventured a little far from the bridge. But movies that I just never got to see in the theaters or ones that are obscure enough to where they don't show up in our regular theatres. This usually means to the normal consumer, a pretty predictable movie is in the easily accessed theater, and the REALLY good movies aren't. Well I watched "Franklyndirected by Gerald McMorrow.

Honestly, I fell asleep in the middle of this don't blame the movie, I had been packing for a snowboard trip, it wasn't it's fault, it was just past my bedtime.  I did think that it was weird, and not what I expected (this is keyword for predictable-there's not too many that I can't figure out what's going to happen in the first 5 minutes). So I watched it again today, and then again, and watched all the extras on it. I saw more scenes that made sense each time I watched it! This weird movie is simple but yet kind of convoluted in a good way. Now after you go to netflix and look at the description, keep in mind that it is NOT what it seems. I will give you a little idea in papercraft speak....
You find this piece of 12x12 paper that is two sided...One side is familiar the other is kind weird but they both  compliment each other. It's on sale too!
You fold it in half and notice the familiar side the corners are bent up, some not as bad as others but they'll function. So you fold it in half again. Wow they are really funky, and what is this weird thing on it? Oh well just leave it, it compliments them both. So you unfold it, and begin to match the corners up in the middle, and lo and behold, they all match up and don't look so bad after all. You hold it up to the light and notice you can see both patterns and they look fantastic together and the folded lines are razor sharp. Wow you never expected that to be so awesome to look at! 
So ignore the stuffy movie critics who've forgotten how much fun it is to go someplace different, and have a handy explanation when your childs Sunday school teacher explains that it's not conducive to churchgoers to watch "adult movies", and definitely not when the kids are awake.


  1. At least we still have the Paseo Camarillo theater where you can go see various indie movies. I need to hook up a vcr to my bedroom tv so I can watch grown-up movies and shows, too! (Such as True Blood.)

  2. I can totally relate! Love Paper too. really cool post - great writing and I envisioned the whole fold. Awesome!

  3. I can relate! Love paper. Great writing. I totally evisioned the fold!

  4. belinda I couldn't see my comment over and over and over again. You pick the best one okay.

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