Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here! I'm here...I have far TOO many craft supplies to quit yet!

"Never put of until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow"
....Mark Twain

Doesn't it make you feel a tad better to know that I'm not an over achiever? I suffer from talent blocks (as if that isn't evident in many of my projects) ? To know, try as I may, though I love my children more than myself, I'm not going to get a parenting award? And with all that said, aren't you glad that you're NOT the only middle aged woman who is addicted to "The Walking Dead"?

Yes I've been gone, I put off blogging for a while for many reasons...but the one I that is pertinent today is the show that I watch through my fingers, that really is a fantastic story, has rich characters, and alot of flesh eating (not my favorite part but hey it comes with the zombie territory and when you compare it to the world today-it is metaphorically scary true). I can hear you now...

1. Zombies are gross
2. Those people look like they smell REALLY bad
3. Besides all that dirt those men are really hot...
4. How does their hair look like that when they are covered in dirt and Zombie guts?

Replies and Answer are after the pictures so you don't get too annoyed with me.

Okay so I'm going to show you the card I made for a friend before I get all talky. It's not the most amazing card I've made, but it sure was one of the most fun to make. Let me begin by telling you she was resistant to my suggestion to watch the Walking Dead...she eventually came around and ended the 1st season with a raised eyebrow and a comment "Daryl is very redneck" I told her just wait, he'll grow on you in a very uncomfortable teenage girl screaming way. As you might have guessed, she's now a Daryl fan and is a honorary TWD fanatic. I was so happy to finally have a another friend to talk to about it with. Now that the 3rd season has ended I will not suffer til October, alone.

I found the Crossbow Svg on the net, altered it slightly to cut easier, and found
the pic of Daryl and used photoscape to add a little something extra...

I used my tent card, ooey gooey svg, and paper scraps to make this...I used MTE stamps for the tag Mustache Mania and Mini Thoughts.

Here are my replies
1. Zombies are gross- Yes True

2. Those people look like they smell REALLY bad- Yes I'm sure they do they film in Georgia in the summer, so on top of the smell there are ticks as well...just be glad we aren't subjected to smell-O-vision.

3. Besides all that dirt those men are really hot...Yes dear God they are! That is all.

4. How does their hair look like that when they are covered in dirt and Zombie guts?..Hollywood's influence, sadly, is everywhere, even in Georgia...but let's hope and pray that TWD NEVER starts filming in So Cal because that will ruin it for me. I don't want to see Sycamore Canyon in one more tv show! (Keep other states in movies-Please! Any other So Cal natives annoyed by that?)

I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gone baby mojo- Gone! or MTE Design Team post

It's a monster to have no inclination to craft isn't it? Although I want to craft it seems the universe is against that idea...instead it is encouraging me to do endless loads of laundry, to mop the floor, to pick up EVERYTHING that ends up on the ground. Apparently, the universe and I are having an argument about what REALLY makes me happy. Apparently the universe thinks that it will win an argument with me...I have news for may be winning the battle but I will win the war. 

I did this card last year not a big thang when you consider that last year was actually just a couple of weeks ago hehehe. I used Trendy Twine in Krazy for Kraft, My Thoughts Exactly Under the Sea sentiment stamps, some recollections paper in that great monstrous green and kraft brown (which I CANNOT find- Thanks Michaels for a lesson in frustration) and my monster svgs in the ooey gooey collection.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MTE Design Team Post or Merry Merry Merry!

A portion of the cards & tags I made for my sister...

I was happily crafting last weekend, making Christmas Cards for my sister. She is generously taking my little family to Disneyland for Christmas, so this was the least I could do for her.

I used Holly Jolly Phrases & Holly Jolly Tags, spellbinders, Lettering Delights simple shapes- Christmas with a shadow layer for the tags, I used Trendy Twine in Blueberry, Peppermint Stick, Berry, Holiday Holly Berry. For the base card I used Kraft Brown from Michaels (which they are not selling at the moment-grrrrrr). The photo cards are my own design Window Cards on I also used the HollyMe Svg that I'm offering for free. It is in SVG and DXF formats so you may use it in Make the Cut, Sure Cuts Alot, and Silhouette Studio.

Your Holly Me file will be in a compressed folder- you will need to extract it before you can use it in your programs...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MTE Design Team post or With friends like these there will always be laughter

Do you have friends? I mean real friends? Really good friends? I hope you do, because we should all have those people that make us lighten up, make us feel not so awkward, help us find the funny in the maddening. I have friends like these, and guess where I met them, at my twins school. Volunteering. Yes... I found some hilarious, kind hearted and twisted women I can call my very own. My wish for you is I wish you friendship for Christmas, because you deserve it.

As any good friend should do, I got my girls chocolate and of course had to wrap it up in a nice little package. I have to say hearing them make "big" over the boxes made be uber happy,  
you know that feeling :)

I used SvgCuts tied surprise boxes, MTE Holly Jolly tags, MTE Holly Jolly Phrases (both of which are on sale for $9.00 each!). I wanted to keep the box itself simple with kraft brown and add the bling. I did find some great little embellishments from K&Co, Trendy Twine in Holly Berry (enabler alert-It's on sale for $7.95!) & Sky in my great hoarding stash.

I used the Recollections paper that has a light sheen-It stamps
super easy and adds the lovely sparkle.

I sure enjoyed making these, they were just what I needed to calm my addled Christmas frenzied brain. Therapy in it's simplest form.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MTE Design Team post or Joy to the paper hoarder!

I know I know...I KNOW! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! I understand your frustration with the 'Christmas Creep' - for me it's completely logical to begin early, since the last week all I want to be doing is looking at Christmas lights, decorating my tree, baking cookies, planning my Christmas dinner....HEY that gives me an idea! Wouldn't it be grand if there was a Christmas Planner I could make JUST for ME..
Voila enter the the Christmas Planner from MTE.

I actually made this one for a sweet friend of mine who I thought would love a homemade gift. It's one of the first journal type gifts I've done. This one was all print and cut, and SVGs. I even used my good paper DCWV...I know I'm such a giver- sit down.

If you would like this planner check it out at MTE, or if you have a "Cutting Edge Magazine" subscription you can get it for free.

K&Co paper tape- I like paper tape because it doesn't need
to be all perfect to please my eye.

To embellish this little beauty I used MTC to print and cut on my Cameo which AFTER figuring out to change it to landscape, it all came together lovely. I used rubber cement to bind the pad together, of course none of the craft stores here carries the paper pad compound. (I did find a recipe on line however it does state to wait for the mixture to cool to room temperature, which is wise but the stuff hardened so I couldn't use it. On hindsight I will try it while it's still warm, and it should work just fine).

For the front cover I used lettering delights for the kitchen utensils, quirky trees, Classy Charms Alpha, and  Felt Owl right. For the stamps I used The Holly Jolly Phrases.
THIS one is SO my Children- does it ring your kids too?

Last year I got those cute tiny jingle bells from Alyssa
I FINALLY got to use them ;)